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Do you ever try to guess the responses that people are crafting based on their usernames?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4961points) May 5th, 2009
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Only with AstroChuck.

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I haven’t a clue. I do have my favorites, though, and if I see one of them is “crafting a response” I’ll try to hang out long enough to see what they have to say, hot off the presses, so to speak.

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I get kind of jittery when I see daloon pop up and about.

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I’ve done this at one time or another and here are a few examples of what I’m come to expect or assume is forthcoming from some Jellies.

Augustlan, Marina, Harp, Jeruba, Gailcalled – intellectual, helpful, insightful answers

AstroChuck & Eponymoushipster – good comedy almost every time

Daloon – like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get but it never fails to be interesting in some way or another

Asmonet – brutal honesty with healthy doses of sarcasm and humor

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I can’t guess his response to the question, but I’m sure Daloon’s will be long and most likely contain at least three other questions :)
of course there is the 90% chance he will answer with something thought provoking.
Aaaaand of course because I said it would be long he answers with two sentances. Errrr

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@Bluefreedom I want to be added to your list pouts

I usually anticipate a certain type of response, yes. And when @daloon has less than two paragraphs, my mind is blown.

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cak is going at it

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Yeah, @Bluefreedom Cash and I demand to be included! What’s up with that?!

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I watch blondesjon and jonsblond, also casheroo, harp, lefteh and a few others. (sorry…pain med and brain functions don’t mix!) Elijah and Likeradar have a lot of interesting things and I am a huge Augustlan fan! :)

I could go on and on and on…but I will sound like a huge broken record. There are a lot on fluther that I like to follow and love to hear their responses. :)

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I’m feeling very guilty right now for not including more Jellies and I apologize. =(

There are so many more wonderful Flutherites out there and even though I didn’t list all of them it doesn’t mean that they’re any less terrific than the others. I lurve all of you. Seriously.

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@Bluefreedom – There are so many I didn’t name – I highly respect and follow! Fluther has a lot of wonderful people that are easy to follow. I feel like it’s a “real” conversation and an interesting one, at that. It would be very impossible for me to name everyone.

Pancakes to you, my friend…you are one of the many unnamed!

@casheroo – it’s short, I promise!! ;)—

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@Bluefreedom I’m just bustin’ your chops. Your list was wonderful!

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Much like Daloon, I like to linger if I see a familiar jelly crafting a response. I never know what anyone is going to say exactly, but I definitely have a feel for the type of answer it will be. Generally speaking, I love all types of answers – except troll/flame bait types.

Also, thanks guys! The lurve is mutual.

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Watermelon gism notebook headphone fish hat mouse.

You didn’t guess that, did you jackass?

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I don’t know many of the folks here well enough yet to guess at what they might be posting, but anytime I see eponymoushipster crafting something, I feel like I’ve just happened opon a sexy easter egg.

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I know what Allie will post before she does.

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@johnpowell that’s because you’re in lurve with her

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Only with AstroChuck.

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With eponymoushipster yes. And I wait for it to appear.

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@casheroo Chip will be devastated to hear that. ;)

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I know if Andrew is responding he is construing drivel. ;)

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