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What is your hangover remedy?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) May 6th, 2009

What is your little homemade hangover remedy?

Right now i can use anything.

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A good heavy breakfast. Fried eggs with ham, etc.
Lots of fluids, preferrably orange juice.

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Well, crap, the link is not working correctly. Try typing “hangover” or “hangover cure” into the search bar.

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I don’t drink so much that I’ll get hung over.

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Well, the obvious remedy is to use your head & not get in the position to even HAVE a hangover. But if it were me, I guess I’d take about 3 Advil before going to bed & then have a good breakfast with plenty coffee the next morning.

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Some people eat to get over one.

Others prefer to prevent one in the first place.

But in general, we appear to like these suggestions.

If there isn’t anything there for you, you could try browsing the topic.

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Drink a big glass of water before going to bed and lots of gatorade in the morning.

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with a nice cold beer :) but for hangover, only the ecuadorian recipe works…

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@ragingloli you beat me to it. Also, ibuprofen or Alka-seltzer before bed after a hard night helps me.

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Full english breakfast.

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Drink water, and eat something light such as crackers, soup, bananas, or apples. This will help replace your loss of nutrients. Also take a pain reliever with your food for easy blood flow to your brain. Doing all of this together could make a drastic change with how you’re feeling. If it’s so bad that you can’t eat, the best thing to do is to drink some sports drinks, and get more rest. When I have a hangover, I’m usually in bed watching a movie relaxing all day.

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1. Lots of water.
2. Advil.
3. Vitamin B complex.

Happy again and ready for more!!!

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Lots of water or Gatorade.
Excedrin Migraine.

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just drink lots and lots and lots of water and gatorade

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Vitamin water when I wake up, then Indian food. Works every time.

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three glasses of water and three ibues with a little food before bed

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