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Please tell me why a MAN would shave off his pubic hair?

Asked by fedupwitcaddys (417points) May 12th, 2009

i witnessed this personally and it freaked me out. i think men SHOULD have hair down there! i think its quite strange.

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to keep it clean…I don’t like girls to have jungle bush why would they like it on me? At least gotta keep it trimmed. It’s also more comfortable.

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Have you ever had a pube stuck in your throat? It’s the fucking worst thing ever, hands down. Sure, trimming also prevents this, but shaving does so while leaving one with a silky clean scrotum, which is much more fun to play with than a hairy one.

I’m perfectly fine with trimming, I have no issues with shaving, but something has to be done. It can’t be left to its own means, otherwise it’ll jungle up and it makes blowjobs very uncomfortable (for me).

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To quote Kal Penn in his inimitable role as “Kumar” in the stoner classic “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle,” “Dude! It makes your johnson look totally bigger!”

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Trimming (with an electric clipper, set it to 1/2) plus vigorous scrubbing with a body exfoliator will give you short, soft hair. I’ve shaven it clean before, but it comes back prickly and this seems easiest.

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Hate to sound gross but perhaps he had a bad case of crabs. I once heard of a guy washing himself with gasoline, yes down there! He thought it would kill them.OUCH!!!!

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Seriously, untrimmed, untamed pubic hair is the most unattractive and disgusting thing ever. Not only because of pubes stuck where they don’t belong during oral sex, but because of all the sweat, grime, and general nastiness caught in the thick, tangly mess. Everybody should either trim them short or shave them off for both sexual and hygienic reasons, IMHO.

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Maybe he’s a porn star and just hasn’t told you yet…

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I have an afro down there. I’m considering dreadlocks to support Manny Ramirez

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Better for oral ?!?
Stubble down there irritates my partner during sex i just trim it .

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@lefteh speaks words of truth.

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lol probably cos he wants his wang to look bigger :) ( i once had a male friend confess this to me )

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thanks. these are all great answers. guess im no longer suprised. it all makes perfect sense, guess i gotta get used to it. i understood females doing this, but never seen a MAN in person (other than porn) do it. and as far as the b.j. , it was the same to me cause he’s always clean down there when we get together, i never smelled sweat or anything. THANKS GUYS.

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maybe the guys likes saying “shorn balls”.

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I spent a vacation on the beautiful nude beaches of Thessaloniki once. Going down on a lady there equaled flossing with a wire brush, OPA!

Sooooooo, no, I wouldn’t want to do that to a woman.

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Perhaps he’s bought into the body image paranoia that so many people are keen to peddle, and he’s desperately trying to conform to his guess about what other people think his body should look like.

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Could Alcohol be involved?

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I prefer a girl has it shaved for me when I’m down there… why not return the favor?

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@MrKnowItAll Great avatar/fluther name, by the way!

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