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Will playing computer so often reduce my intelligence (IQ) ?

Asked by Fluther_Mania (25points) May 12th, 2009

My teacher says that playing computer so often will make our brain smaller because of the radioactive.
Is it true?
Because I play computer about 5 hours a day.

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No. Computers are not radioactive. Your teacher is wrong.

Playing computer games for 5 hours a day CAN make you more fat, because you are simply not being active and moving vigorously during that time. So try and compensate for your computer use with some sort of sport or exercise a few times a week.

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1. Human brain size is unrelated to intelligence.
2. Computers aren’t radioactive.
3. Even if they were, no link has been made between radiation exposure and intelligence, or a reduction in brain size. If they emitted a serious amount of radiation, a slight reduction in intelligence would be the least of your worries.

What she probably means is that spending 5 hours a day playing a computer game may not be doing much for you intellectually. Ironically, I’d say a teacher that passes off this kind of information as fact may have a similar effect.

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Playing computer games can increase your adeptness in different types of intelligence, depending on the genre.
For example playing shooters raises your aptitude in spacial intelligence, e.g. analysing patterns, rotating objects three dimensionally in your head to find out which object from a selection matches the given object.

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Your teacher reminds me of Mr. O’Brien, who told our 6th grade class that there would be a disease someday for breathing through your mouth instead of your nose, as God intended.

But aside from that, doing anything for 5 hours at a time, other than sleeping, is not healthy. Get out and get some exercise.

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Playing 5 hours a day might not make you brain smaller. But it sure will make your life smaller.
Here are some suggestions: learn something, go outside, surf the net, do your homework, sleep, make a video, read a book, help your parents, cut the grass, get a part time job, volunteer…

“Video game player” is never an attractive entry on a college application or job resume.

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No. I suspect that some people confuse radiation with radioactive. Light and heat radiates, and so does radioactive matter, but there is some kind of truth behind it as far as I understand. We live in a soup of electromagnetic fields. All electric equipment and cables create a magnetic field, which radiates to different degrees. They electromagnetic radiation comprises: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Someone might correct me on this, but as I understand it, the x- and gamma rays are so minuscule that they are insignificant at the levels of current as in your home, and won’t reach further than maybe just outside these weak fields, and certainly not into your body.

I believe though that sitting for many hours a day, fixating your eyes and lenses on something that is at a static distance from you – like the screen – , is unhealthy for them. All muscles and tissue need to contract and stretch regularly.

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no, but being a teacher may
my parents say the same thing – “don’t stare at the screen with the lights off, the radioactivity will blind you!” Apparently they think that if you turn on a light it will “eat” the radioactivity away. Too bad they didn’t figure that out in Czernobyl.

If PCs were made of depleted uranium they’d cost millions, not hundreds. And if they were radioactive we’d be using them as weapons. Your teacher is plain stupid. Tell him/her I said so.

In fact, video games have been proven in every research ever made to actually improve your eyesight, as well as co-ordination, and in some cases intelligence. That does not mean that we should be playing videogames all day, in the same way that spending all day in the gym can’t be all that healthy. But all in all, they’re a good thing. Just don’t waste too much time on them.

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@Jack79 Yes. I agree with co-ordination, reaction and keeping your brain busy.

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No, because House plays a lot of games, and always gets it right.

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No, computer time has no effect on intelligence. Your teacher is lying to you. It’s well known that skateboarding adversely affects intelligence, so that might be where she is getting confused. Skateboarding slang, like “lamer” has found its way into computer culture.

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I’d imagine a lifetime of video games, for 5 hours a day would definitely have an adverse effect on how sharp your mind is….it seems as though it would make it more dull…

-I have no evidence to support my statement though, I just know people who still live at home, and do nothing with their lives, and play video games majority of the day…it’s sad.

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In my opinion 5 hours every day is too long. It will reduce your emotional and social intelligence. It will reduce your career opportunities in the long run. Switch off the damn thing after a while and go meet real people as well.

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@RandomMrdan Nice to see you again!

Now, if you spend 5 hours a day on Fluther

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