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A good website for IQ questions?

Asked by Velvetinenut (1372points) May 17th, 2009

I’m interested in testing my IQ but don’t want to go through all those sponsored sites you have to go through before you can get your IQ results online. Does anyone know of any good sites? I went to and having skipped eight advertisements, still could not get my results.

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The only way is to have a proper test. The online tests are biased and unreliable.

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Yes, I agree the IQ tests online are not accurate and probably a waste of time. It is better to actually get tested by a professional if you want a accurate result.

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The online tests are for entertainment only. Only a supervised test will provide valid results.

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Don’t even bother with the online tests. They are tricks to get you to click the ads. The sites explicitly say that they are for entertainment use only, and thus they don’t even care about giving you accurate results whatsoever. Go and get yourself a proper test if you are truly interested in knowing.

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@dynamicduo ha, ha I didn’t know that, since I didn’t actually look at them.

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