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How do you remove a Mac virus ?

Asked by pipinsf (4points) May 21st, 2009

I am a dumbass newbie on Macs and YES I actually clicked this, and have in my download file the Flip4mac WMV1.mpkg. It is still there in my downloads. I did not install but I no longer have sound. It just hums. i have a Mac OS X 10.5.7. If anyone can help, I will bless you past the date that iphones can cut and paste! MUCH THANKS! Admitted Dumbass Newb!

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Never heard of that. My best guess is that something else happened. The timing was just odd.

Hake you tried a restart?

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you could simply back up all your data, and use your OS disc to re-image the entire computer and start from scratch again…

I have Flip4Mac on mine too…I thought it had something to do with codecs though (wasn’t aware of a virus with that name).

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flip4mac would not cause loss of sound as it’s a plugin.
I would run a disk utility from your utilities folder.
That will clean your hard drive.
If it persists then then navigate to your system folder, preferences & delete the plugin direct.
I wouls Google any further answers as it could be a different problem.

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I dont use a Mac at home, but maybe give this a shot and see if it helps?

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Use ClamXav and scan it.

I really doubt you have a virus.

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It’s not a virus… Simple steps will sort it.

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Detach it from your PC.

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I have Flip4Mac
and Unless you downloaded a malicious version that wouldn’t be the cause. Especially since you haven’t installed it or touched it.

Sounds like just bad timing to me too – are you still under Mac Support? They would be the best people to call.

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I thought is was a virus coza this post on Fluther:
The virus you mention was being propagated over porn sites (mainly),
whereby a malicious site that has an embedded video that is a windows
movie file (wmv), and usually macs will read the wmv with QuickTime
Player via a plug-on called Flip-4-Mac; the malicious site will
deliver a pop-up window while trying to load the video, saying that
you need to update your Flip-4-Mac plug-in, and will immediately
prompt you for the admin password to “install” the “update”. In
reality, it is installing a Trojan Horse.
There is info on it if you go to Intego’s website (one of several
anti-virus software devs). While there are relatively few viruses out
there for Mac, as a savvy user, you should always be wary of any
software or plug-in updaters that do not come from the software
developer’s main site. Apple’s software is never updated via a web
browser, always via the Software Update” utility. Also software and
plug-ins should always be updated via a .dmg file that you download,
then double-click to install. Never enter your computer’s admin
password in your web browser.
Hope this helps.

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This is what happened – it wasnt a porn site -it was a monkey drinking its own pee – so uh – kiddie porn?! LOL! But there was a popup that said instal update. And I clicked it. How do I tell? I have buzzing in my sound. Cant get my sound back. THANKS!

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Wow, good to know Pipinsf!

Sure sure, monkey drinking it’s own pee… riiiggghht ;)

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Wow i thought Macs couldn’t get virus’ learn something new everyday , thank god i hate macs .
Hope you get your problem sorted

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You don’t have a Mac virus, there is no Mac virus “in the wild”. I f there was it would create international headlines. No headlines, ergo – no virus. The only Mac Virii have been “Proof of Concept” only, never a single one actually out there.

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This is not a virus; it’s a Trojan horse. Viruses spread on their own as you use the computer. Trojan horses require you to do something stupid to install them, because they masquerade as something else.

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OK! I revise – I got a trojan horse coz I am a dumb girl newbie on macs – NOT that being a girl has anything to do with being dumb – but I do think if I were a boy I would be less dumb about tech stuff – self-sexist – yes! Sorry. I wont say: “My Bad Tho!” :)
So, I suspect I got me a Trojan Horsy.
I do have Mac protection still – fairly new Mac, as I said – newbie. Argh!
Any ideas would be very appreciated. And I think this community is pretty swell. Y’all are amazingly swell. It is very nice to find.
Take care,

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good god, how old are you? And if you have a virus designed for windows, it won’t have any effect on your mac system.

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You need to figure out what files it installed and remove them. If you’ve been backing up your system regularly, the quickest thing might be to use Time Machine to roll back to a time before you installed the software. If you haven’t been backing up your system regularly, you’re probably looking at wiping and reinstalling your system.

(Nuke the software from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.)

If it’s a new enough Mac, or you paid for AppleCare, the people at the Apple Store or Apple phone support can help you with this. Otherwise it might be a good idea to find a knowledgeable friend—this is not the sort of thing that you can really do online.

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How do you remove a Mac virus ?

Hahah. YOU DON’T.

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@pipinsf You don’t have a trojan either – Macs don’t get trojans or virii, all for the same reason. Unlike a PC where anything can wander in and install itself, with a Mac it requires someone with the administrator password to authorise any installation. That is why the little pus blisters who write virii and trojans don’t bother with Macs.

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Er, @DarkScribe, Macs do get Trojans, because no security scheme in the world is good enough to prevent the owner of the computer from saying, “Sure, I want to install this software!” And that’s exactly what the OP is describing – a website told her she needed to install this codec to see the video she wanted to see, and she installed it, and it wasn’t a codec after all. That’s a Trojan horse.

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@cwilbur Guess again. They potentially could, but I have yet to see or hear of one and I work as a journalist in IT. And no, what you describe isn’t a Trojan horse, it is a malware, but those sites that offer that “video codec” are PC based. Point me at a Mac one? I would love to find a genuine instance – it would be newsworthy – and I would get a lead out of it.

A trojan is something that looks like one thing, but performs another function. In this case you are simply allowing malicious access, you aren’t loading an app that is not what it seems. If I say to you, I will load this program that will speed up your computer, and you say ok, but I instead I load a disk-wipe utility, it isn’t a trojan app, you have simply fallen for a malicious deception.

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if you try to install anything on the MAC OSX, it would ask you for your admin user name and password, even for installing anything as simple at iWork, or iLife.

How do we know pipinsf isn’t just confusing that with paranoia of a virus.

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Ok – this is what happened. I did get spazzy. I got scared, coz I did click to install this thing – and my sound went wonky. I had googled this – and found all this stuff – even here – on Fluther – about this being a Trojan deal for Macs – so I freaked!! Finally, I called Apple, we installed that Flip 4 Mac all the way through and found a loose connection with my speakers. I am not used to Macs and am ready to scream virus Trojan Horse – it is all over !! – at the drop of a hat. My hat fell off and my brains with it.
NO VIRUS, NO TROJAN HORSE – just someone that is learning the hard way… that Apples are pretty swell, it is the user that is the dumbass. Me! I own it, admit it and thank y’all for your advice – it helped! I am gonna crawl into my shell now. :)

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