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What is this restlessness?

Asked by syz (35649points) May 23rd, 2009

I’m happy in my relationship, happy in my home, happy in my career…....why as I so restless? What can I do?

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Maybe get some new challenges—something that is hard to do. Take on a more difficult assignment, take a trip somewhere, do something a bit out of your normal pattern—take a risk. And/or help other people.

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I know some techniques for accessing answers to questions like this. If you p.m. me I’ll help you.

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What is missing from your life that is making you anxious?

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Meditation. Even daily meditation of 10 – 15 minutes is beneficial.

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In my experience when I have achieved goals I have to set new ones or I am restless.

For me the quest is calming, keeps me focused and gives me a challenge I need.

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Hobbies like gardening, music or writing that take time, energy and passion to be proficient.

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I feel you syz, but I’ve always been restless. Since I hit a certain age I fell like there is not much about life that is going change. Location and circumstance might change, but at this point I’ve experienced pretty much all life has to offer.

Lately I have been trying to be more present in the moment, in hopes I might experience the mundane in a more significant manner. So far, no change. :(

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@tinyfaery said “at this point I’ve experienced pretty much all life has to offer.”
<—Dog chuckles as tinyfaery tempts the gods.

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Trust me @Dog, my knowledge about the “ways of the world” began at too young of an age.

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You haven’t seen all there is to see @tinyfaery. Not by a long shot.

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I didn’t say see, I said experienced. Love, hate, fear, anger, joy, rapture, excitement, etc… been there, done that. There is only so many experiences one can have. Like I said, situation and location might change, but the experience is still the same.

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We’ll be here to share your experience with when you do experience something you’ve never experienced. It will happen.

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@syz, that’s the same feeling that caused Faust to make a bargain with the devil.

I agree with skfinkel. It sounds like you don’t have anything to face that’s difficult and challenging. Maybe you need to take on a role at work that stretches you more, or set yourself a task that you’re not sure you can do. It doesn’t have to be carrying a ring to Mordor. It could just be learning how to do something you’ve never done before and then doing it, whether it’s hang-gliding, crafting with stained glass, or speaking French. Or volunteering for something that few find easy but that people do find deeply satisfying, such as hospice work.

If you’re not getting enough out of life, try giving something more.

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My husband calls me a malcontent. I feel the same way. I wonder if my expectations of life are too high. I have always felt like this isn’t quite it, that wherever I am, somewhere else might be better. Sometimes I think maybe I am too into myself but I do give of myself, would giving more help?

Beats me, but I know what you are saying!

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Exercise is always good for working off stress or nervous tension or restlessness.

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Exercise is good for the symptom but, for me anyhow, does not uncover or truly do anything about the cause.

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Are you American? It’s really American to avoid contentment because that’s like… like slacking or selling out or being a sucker or stuff.

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masturbate more….it’s healthy

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