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How do you deal with stress?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) May 28th, 2009

Everyone has a different approach. What is your way to make yourself feel better daily?

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I usually put on some music that I like. Sometimes one song can change how u think for the rest of the day, music is so important they decided let’s put it in the cars we drive

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ok.. I’m a musician. My life is music, and other mediums of art. So what next?

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Not well.

That said, the things that have been most successful for me are exercise, yoga, music, chamomile tea.

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Since you stated that you spend a lot of time listening to music. You may want to sit in silence and just concentrate on your breathing for 15 or 20 minutes.

I enjoy listening to comedians because for me laughter seems to be the best medicine.

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I have music play as I try to sleep
There are specific physical exercises I do when first getting up to wear down any residual irks from the day or night before
Two years ago I cut added sugar from my diet which improved my moods and energy. A lot.
Daily writing, reading, and Music- music is sustenance, reward, medication, therapy and lovemaking
Sexual distraction is also great to relieve stress

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The only thing that stresses me out on a daily basis is my daughter acting up or saying “why” 3,000 times. I just give myself a mommy time out (usually say I am going to the bathroom and sit on the edge of the tub) and read a magazine or just sit.

If I am particularly stressed about a specific issue I tend to eat and/or sleep. In short, I gain weight.

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Playing music has always eased my stress. With the family, that’s not always possible, so I always keep some “tinker” project going in my workshop, or I do some kind of work in the garden or yard.

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after having my first panic attack at 16, i realized i need to take this seriously. i’ve tried writing all my worries down and setting aside 30 min everyday to worry. i’m a big music lover, that usually helps. EATING CHOCOLATE! i admit, i can be an emotional eater. watching a really funny movie. or releasing sexually…this one’s fun.

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I usually put on loud music and run on a fast pace on my treadmill, it takes my mind off the stress and is very relaxing.

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Take a nice relaxing shower and then take a nap. Or talk to friends on Facebook for a while. But that’s just my view ; )

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Sex or masturbation.

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