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What does this bumper sticker mean?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) June 21st, 2009 from iPhone

I was in southern Washington today and saw a bumper sticker that read “Where is Ted?” The truck is was on had a McCain/Palin sticker and an NRA sticker. The only Ted I can think of who’s not always on the scene is Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski, but that just seems to specialized. Anyone know who Ted is, or where?

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Hmm…other stickers suggest a possible Ted Nugent fan?

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Kennedy… perhaps?
If that whom it’s meant refer to… It’s in poor taste.

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@lefteh Good to see you!

Could it be this TED?

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Refering to a financial analyst? Here

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@augustlan, wow for that 3-minute virtuoso organ performance.

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A 3 minute organ performance? That’s what she said!

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Well that was pointless.

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Maybe the driver of the truck was Ted’s wife.

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How about Ted Turner? He’s lost and without a cause most of the time. Or maybe he’s a member in good standing of the NRA and likes to shoot Moose from helicopters like Sarah Palin does. (And it’s illegal too, I believe).

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I would guess it might be Ted Stevens – the Republican senator from Alaska who was indicted for unetichal behaviour and then found not guilty. That would be consistent with the other stickers.

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Maybe it’s a local band.

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Oh @filmfann you beat me to it. Veridian Dynamics
The show is an acquired taste- especially if you do that kind of thing.
Ted! We need a radiation source that will kill downy mildew on vegetable crops but leave all the other DNA holders working in the fields alive – at least 60 days after harvest.

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his teddy bear?

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