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Where in Chicago I can find a doctor who would provide tonail fungus laser treatment?

Asked by dodi (1points) June 24th, 2009

Need a clinic adress or doctor name

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Ask your own doctor or even a nurse . or simple google might help you solve this problem .
Even your phone directory should have answers .

Don’t mean to be rude or blunt thats what i can think of .

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This guy said in another thread on toenail fungus laser treatment says he is a doctor of podiatry in Chicago that does this. You might try either IMing him or googling his user name.

You can read the particular thread at

Personally, I would probably ask my GP first, and then let my fingers do the walking (check the Yellow Pages).

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Spam radar going haywire…We shall see…

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@shilolo – Is that what we call “Spamdar”?

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@shilolo Really? How can you tell?

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To nail or not to nail…that is.

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The answer is Claw hammer

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