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Does anyone think ghosts are real?

Asked by mickt1978 (14points) June 28th, 2009
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Yes they are, they are among us and everywhere.

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My vote has to be no…that’s not to say i don’t believe in spirits and spirituality. the concept of a ghost is to me a fictitious as that of a vampire.

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No – I don’t believe ghosts exist. I also don’t believe in werewolves, demons, angels, vampires, trolls (the kind under bridges anyway), or leprechauns.

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Oi don’t joke bout things like that! Vampires whoa. Let’s not go there.

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Demons, vamps? Wow must I open your minds? Werewolves….understandable…well actually no….but if you explaination fine I will.

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Yes, i’ve had personal experiences i know they are real

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whats the big thing about vampires

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that the undead are also non-existent

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Read my profile. I’ve been about. Germany. Gang of teenagers thought they were vamps, they had the teeth, ears,and yes unholy speed. They all had bite marks on neck. I would say I know enough.

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Only the real ones. The others are just fakin it.

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vampirism to the extent that it exists is a psychological disorder.

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To answer the question exactly as asked: yes, someone does.

To answer for myself: no, not for a moment.

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Well then they mustve been very very disturbed. Becuz I took a shot at them nothing. I had to use old methods. Holy water, crucifixes, etc. It worked.

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I had an experience at my grandmother’s who swore she had a ghost in the house. A chair moved across the floor and my bed raised up while I was in it and slammed down. There was no other explanation for this happening. So, my answer is that I think I believe in ghosts.

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How funny! I was just reading through the posts on here, and saw that my next activity is on Schizophrenia! Okay… apologies ahead of time, but it really did tickle my funny bone.

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Well there are psychos out there. Who think they are the real deal.

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I haven’t seen anything that would suggest it.
I think people want to believe.

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I don’t think I have ever seen or experienced a ghost but yes, I do believe that they exist.

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Well I posted a question on the matter. So feel free to answer.

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What’s with the paranormal questions today?
Could it be because of the late high profile death happening that we’re wondering about the afterlife?

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I’ve had multiple experiences, so yes, I believe that there are ghosts. Now, as to what they are exactly… Well, that’s a lot more difficult to answer.

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@Ruki good thought, but flutherites seem drawn to questions about spritituality along the entire span of the spectrum…god to ghouls!

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no there are not real.

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Well, no, I never have and I’d have to see something first hand to change my mind.

However, my parents who are extremely practical people, not at all prone to the fanciful, swear up and down that this story is the truth.

When I was about a year old, we lived in upstate New York. My mom’s sister came out to live with us. They began to hear noises up in my room, and my aunt swore that she could feel a spirit, an old lady who actually was looking over me as a defenseless baby.

Then one day, either before my aunt moved in or after she moved out, apparently my parents had gone out with me for the evening somewhere. When they got home, they could see a light on where they knew there shouldn’t have been a light on….in their bedroom. So, my dad told my mom to wait with me in the car so he could check it out. He went inside and went to the bedroom, and when he got to the door and reached for the handle, the door slammed shut. There was no lock on this door, and he tried to open the door, but it felt like someone was holding it shut. He called the police, thinking there was an intruder and kept trying to open the door. Then the door just swung open, there was no one there, and the window wasn’t big enough for a person to get out of, they looked everywhere and no one was hiding in the room, and besides, it went from resistance to just swinging open, not like the person would have had time to run away anyway.

They swear this is true, but I really suspect there’s part of the story that has evolved in their minds over the years, and I think a person’s perception in a time of high stress can be very misleading. Now, if I see something I can’t explain, I’ll be the first to admit it, so far it just hasn’t happened.

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No I don’t.

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I do not. I find the concept of it fascinating, but I don’t really think they are real.

I tend to think most ghost sightings are a combination of wishful thinking, coincidence, hallucination, and other normal events ascribed to the paranormal. Of course, there are always things that are unexplained.

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That’s what i thought until i had a personal experience, i think its one of those things that ppl wont believe until they experience it for themselves

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I know from experience: they are real, some are good and some are bad…just be glad you haven’t encountered a bad one…

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Oh I met some bad ones! Believe me…

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As have i….if not believing in them keeps you from being attacked, then so be it

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They’re really demons in disguise to deceive masses there’s no heaven/hell no consequence for your actions here on earth.

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Are you a god fearing man seven?

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I don’t know about ghosts, but I do know that presences are real.

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Yes, with personal experiences.

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I see a lot of certitude based on “actual experiences” but no details about the experiences.

just sayin’

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souls, presences and ghosts – yes. vampires, werewolves and the likes – no.

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You can put me in the “yes” category with a sidenote that says I’m not saying what I believe as a ghost is the same as what you believe as a ghost.

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@dalepetrie Part of the reason I don’t share most of my experiences are because they’re either too personal or people will think I’m insane. It’s extremely uncomfortable talking about something that happened, which you can’t explain, especially when what happened was a very obvious, significant event. Non-believers or people who haven’t experienced most likely will not understand.

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One way to communicate things like this is to simply state the facts. It’s when people inject their interpretations that I start to see where maybe something just appeared this way, or maybe this is another explanation.

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@dalepetrie I gave details.

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@chyna – yes, you were one of the few exceptions.

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They are real in the X Files.

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I don’t think sharing the details of my experiences will change anybody’s mind, but will just serve as a ghost story. As stated earlier you’re prob not going to change your mind unless you yourself have an experience

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I don’t believe they exist but I enjoy the concept of them and looking at “ghost” images and video where people report sighting them. However I understand that part of it is down to doctored images and the other part down to the human mind making patterns out of what in reality is nothing.

But if you were to stick me in a haunted house overnight alone I might still feel a bit uneasy despite my original thoughts that ghosts don’t exist.

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I kind of believe in ghosts. However I think the ones in Ghost adventures are staged. But it’s still entertaining.

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Yes they do but are not ghosts that is what we choose to call them.

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I am a believer after i have experienced it. This is a sort of thing that you would only believe once you have experienced it..we cant blame the non believers for being skeptic about this, coz i was once a non believer..

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