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What do you think will happen about this whole global warming thing?

Asked by Wildfunsummer (14points) June 28th, 2009
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We will ignore it until it becomes an up-front problem, then we will ask ourselves why didn’t we do something earlier…

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We will all just die depressed, lonley, and to top it off, a dirty environment…

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It will be hotter. Some species of creatures will not survive, and humans will have to adapt. Not everyone will make it.

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We are all going to die.

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We will do to little to late. Life will survive, but humans won’t be as dominant as we once were. Life standards will go back to how they were maybe a century or two ago.

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The globe will warm.

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The cockroaches will take over.

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It seems as if it depends on which scientist you listen to. It could be anything from total destruction to minimal temp variation. There are those scientists who say the earth overall is not warming.

And it is the same way about the cause, one is blaming co2 the other says it is a natural shift as has happened since the beginning of earth.

I think it is time to curb our polluting ways no matter what. Plastic is a major enemy in my mind.

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we had our time, just like the dinosaurs had their time…

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@rooeytoo Not to mention it would be nice not to rely on other countries for oil.

@Ivan Well said.

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Great….... watch al gore fill up another diaper on this issue.

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Wow. Everyone is so negative. I think some of it i cyclical, but it does seem that there is no arguing that the globe trending overall in the direction of warming. As far as the argument about the human impact…I actually wish that we would get away from this particular scare tactic to get people to switch to greener alternatives, because it has become so politically charged. How can you argue against wanting to simply do the right thing for our planet in terms of pollution and raping the land? How can you argue against wanting to be free of our dependency on other countries for fuel and energy? If Ronald Reagan had come up with wanting to put solar power on every roof the Republicans would be all over the idea. It’s ridiculous.

By the way I hate Nuclear power and this link on solar is awesome…
I don’t want to build up a larger grid like T. Boone Pickens and still be paying some company or the government every month, I want to be more self sufficient.

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Not to mention it would be nice not to rely on oil.

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@rooeytoo Yes plastic. Awful. Did you see that episode of Oprah about the huge plastic, practically island, in the middle of the pacific? An Outrage!

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@peyton_farquhar hehe I was lost in the moment, sorry

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@Darwin, all of my cockroaches just jumped for joy and waved their feelers menacingly at me. Way to go, get their little hopes up.

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@rooeytoo here is the link to Oprah on the plastic in the Pacific…you are not going to believe it, if you are not aware already.

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@JLeslie if you get the chance, read the book The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. In it, he talks about the tiny plastic pebbles that fill the ocean, and how much havoc they cause. His views on what happens to cockroaches after we are gone is pretty refreshing. spoiler: they don’t survive.

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Climate change will continue to trigger new innovative approaches. We will keep civilization but in a much smarter way. Two things are key to deal with the challenge

1) We need about 20 times more scientists and engineers
2) We need serious media campaigns to educate the public how to adapt their lifestyles

If we accomplish this, the change to our ecosystems and the reduction of biodiversity will be limited. If not, the human species will still survive but instead of 9 billion people eventually there will only be 1 billion people or so left competing for scarce resources especially food. This is not the Alan Weisman scenario (his book is really excellent) but something else.

Bottom line: We need to act wisely now without being scared.

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watch the film by Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth.
Here is the trailor :

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A nice big wad of complete bullshit.

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