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Does Cyndi Lauper have mental issues?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) June 28th, 2009

I was watching some video clips of her and she seems a little odd the way she acts. She seems very detracted some times. Just a simple question thanks for anwsering

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I always thought she was a little shy, but tried to mask it with a goofy personality…

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I think she’s a little eccentric, but not mentally ill or anything. Just kind of… quirky.

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Not that I’ve noticed, but I’m not a CyndiLauperologist. She seems to be a bit of a character, a little shy, a little eccentric, a little goofy, as the others have mentioned but nothing at all pathological. Really, what do you think is wrong with her?

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She’s so unusual.

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But, ultimately, just wants to have fun.

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And show her True Colors.

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Time after Time.

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She Bop….what does that tell you?

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