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Do suction cups lose suction?

Asked by sophied (106points) July 27th, 2009

I use a suction cup to hold a hand towel next to my bathroom sink. I can’t drill into the tile, as I’m a renter. Recently, after living here for 4 months, the suction cup is falling every day. Is it time to get a new one? Or can I revive the suction power?

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If the cup is plastic, rub your fingers over the inside. Sometimes a little oil from your skin will help revivify the suction.

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as the rubber ages, it becomes porous because the plasticiser in its compound slowly gets lost, and as such the contact places become less airtight.
that is my theory based on my long ago chemistry classes.

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I have glued mine to the wall because of that. Perhaps you could use some rubber cement which can be removed when you leave.

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hm. gluing a suction cup kind of defeats the movable and removable purpose, no? you might as well use an adhesive hook.

i’ve been wetting the cup and sticking it back, to no avail. i guess i’ll buy a new one!

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If you had a PERFECTLY flat surface, and the rim of your suction cup was PERFECTLY balanced to suck at every potential point, then no. But on a microscopic level and a unbalanced cup, I believe this could not work. An imperfect cup would gradually fill the chamber of compression with air because of tiny leaks all around it.

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Suction cups are never a long term solution. Buy a pak of those suction cups if you can. Treat them like light bulbs.

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Get a new one!

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