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How many times can someone wake up - go back to sleep - wake up?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) July 30th, 2009

For example, say someone has their alarm set to go off at a certain time, it goes off and they press snooze, 10 minutes later it goes off again, x2 snooze, etc.

How many times can somebody do this until they wake up?

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I’ve seen @sccrowell go an hour and a half. She could have probably gone much longer, but I had enough and put an end to the madness. When she sleeps she is somewhere far away!

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I wouldn’t resist that more than 2 times, I think that depends on the person.

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Theoretically this can go on to infinity.

I have done this for about 2 hours though.

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@R4….And let me guess you remember all your dreams and you always dream. Sherry is like that. I guess I don’t sleep as soundly as you guys. I probably subconsciously keep in mind where I have to be in the morning and at what time rather than just going off into a deep sleep.

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Ive hit the snooze like 2 or 3 times max, otherwise its not worth it to even set the alarm in the first place.

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@wenn….That’s what I keep trying to tell @sccrowell! I’ve even resorted to a water pistol across the room on more than one occasion to awaken her……and it was only mildly entertaining from my viewpoint!

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@whatthefluther I almost don’t dream at all, so I can hardly remember any dream. I’m a very bad sleeper and wake up approximately 5–10 times a night! So I can’t say that I sleep very soundly so I just think that this snooze thing is highly individual.

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@R4….I’ll try and wrestle the secret from her and promise to share if successful!

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My brother has multiple alarms setup, as close as 2 minutes to each other. It’s very irritating when I have a chance to sleep in, and the only thing I hear for close to an hour is his dumb alarm. And then, he’ll get up and get in the shower, and suddenly what do I hear? His alarm going off while he’s in the shower…great..

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@whatthefluther funny. i could just imagine it.

same as @wenn. I have 2 mobiles which I set 15 minutes apart (an hour and a half early before I actually need to get up). I mostly tend to snooze them both. After doing this for 2 to 3 times I put them off, take my ipod, log in to fluther and check what’s going on and still manage to start the day late. works like a charm…

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All night long.

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I can do it for a good hour or two, so I always set my alarm early. I will actually fall back asleep between alarms, and my snooze goes off every 5 minutes! It’s a skill that few possess, @sccrowell and I should start a club. :)

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My husband could do that all morning…and has. Much to the annoyance of his children…and me. The worst part, he can sleep through a snooze alarm. I’ve had to wake him up (standing in the doorway of our room – coming from another part of the house) just to hit snooze.

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For me it’s 3 times, and this is the 2nd one, goodnight folks

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I’m not sure about the ‘wake up’ part. Hubby hits the snooze on his alarm two or three times, but when I wake him up, he thinks his alarm didn’t go off. He hit the snooze in his sleep, I guess.

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I have been doing this for 34 years. My snooze interval varies though.

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