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If you could have no contact with a computer or television for one week, what would you do?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) August 10th, 2009

Try and imagine that for a while and think about what you really would do for fun or just to pass the time. Would you mostly stay indoors or outdoors? Would you feel depressed without using computer or television? Would you take up new hobbies? Maybe you’d actually enjoy the break from the two? Or do you already not use computers or watch television?

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something else…go outside a book…do some drawing..wouldnt bother me i do it all the time

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I wouldn’t feel depressed, it’s just a strong part of my toolbox. But as long as I knew I was going without it, I could gather books and other things to prepare. I would take the opportunity to take lots of photos and work hard on my fleece to yarn side project. I would also get out and go garden as well as enjoy the wonderful summer. Amazingly enough, I do all of these things even now when I have full access to my computer (I don’t waste my time with regular TV though, that’s a timesink like no other).

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I’m assuming you’re also excluding the iPhone. I’m not going to be an annoying technically-riding Flutherite. Don’t get the impression that we’re all like that.

I would read, hang out with friends, go outside and ride my bike, walk around, go swimming, stuff like that. I still do all that now, but I would just do more of it if I didn’t have a computer or a TV. Unfortunately, without a computer that would mean no writing books. Oh well.

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My TV has a built in web browser so my computer lol :-)

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finish all those books I still haven’t read

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I would just read, use the time to relax, and meditate. It’s very relaxing. Now there was nothing said about cameras, and I love to take pictures. So I would also take alot of pictures.

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I’d be very bored.

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Swim, sail, read, hike in the forest, eat ice cream.

Hey! That sounds just like the vacation I just had!

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I love breaks from connectivity. Quite refreshing, not depressing at all.

However, it always somehow manages to devolve into my fondling myself.

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Read a lot more than just the 30 minutes/day I do now. Clean the apartment. Exercise more.

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Play 6 games a day with my kids instead of 4.


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Could read more. Very little talking time with my boyfriend, so I’d probably go to bed earlier. I’d be bored to say the least.

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@DominicX: The iPhone is a computer… technically

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Ya mean like in the 60’s and 70’s?

Would have a block party, get to know my neighbors, enjoy the outdoors. Paint the house, get a good night sleep, spend more time with the kids, oh and the wife too.

Contraptions of distraction. We did quite well without them.

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i would read (: i dont’t like to, but i can learn to love it!

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I would be bored.

I’d read more, mostly. I’d like to say that I would go outside more, but if there was something to actually do outside, I would be out there more anyways.

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I’m hardly ever on the computer and rarely watch tv, so nothing much would change.

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Probably fail my classes. Be bored as hell as well as irritable.

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I just got back from a non-technology week, I love getting away from everything for a while.

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we had no electricity for about a month and a half because of a hurricane once. not having a computer/television wasn’t the hard part. the hard part was not having air conditioning in humid south florida. and if you open the windows, you are basically begging every mosquito in a 50 mile radius to live with you

anywho. if i had no tv/computer but i did have a/c? i’d sleep, read, listen to music, write more, draw/paint more, talk to my friends/family, etc. most of the things i do now, but more excessively and without interruption. also, i’d probably do my homework before 1am, but i wouldn’t be able to get much done because it usually has to involve computers.

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Giving up the TV wouldn’t be all that hard, but living without my laptop would be extremely difficult, it is like a 200 drawer filing cabinet that I can carry with me, it also keeps me in contact with friends all over the world. I love it.

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Spend extra time learning to cook quick and easy nutritious meals and extra time at the gym and extra time sleeping.

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I would get back to working on that Crazy Horse thing I have going in the Dakotas.

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That thing is amazing!!!!!! I went and saw that.

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I’d go outside and actually accomplish the things I’ve been meaning to accomplish.

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I would read more books, listen to more music, and play a few extra video games.

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Set my DVR and go on vacation.

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I’ve done that several times, no problem. I was out with friends, read books, did a lot of chores around the house and was better with my exercises.

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I feel as though disconnecting myself from the interference of the world for a day reestablishes the connection to my soul.

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spend lots of time with my friends and my boyfriend. i would finish projects that i had started. and probably find out a lot about myself that i hadn’t known. :)

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Read and exercise.

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Probably read or listen to music. Maybe acually clean my room.

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