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Does the "observing members" EYE evoke Mona Lisa or a Squid (good/bad?)?

Asked by nmac (213points) October 15th, 2009

or other? (don’t feel you are limited to my constructs)

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Photoshop eye for me.

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He means the icon next to the “Observing members:”

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Oh .. What does that have to do with squids and mona lisas and good or bad?

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I’m a She. Yeah, the eyeball on your dashboard.

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sorry, i assume there are no girls on the internet.

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Funny. I never even realized before that it was an eye. In any case, it would relate to neither Mona Lisa nor a squid because it has prominent lashes.

It looks like a toothbrush bent over a baseball to me.

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@jackm – There are no girls on the Internet because we are women (hear us roar!).

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@jackm that was funny. i guess stereotypes come in all colors – squid / mona lisa is a bit rigid.

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@jackm : That comment about girls is hilarious.

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@Sarcasm… My imagination & Fluther’s Banner/Logo (under the sea… octopus with glasses). It’s a ridiculous question.

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