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What are different ways to say naked?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) November 28th, 2009

lol this will be funny i’m wondering who many ways there are to say naked, and what other ways there are

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Wearing the one set of permanent clothes!

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in your birthday suit

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Damn! ;)

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Showing The Full Monty

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As Radar said on MASH…nudididity. LOLLLL

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Cheif Nakie Horse

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full blown commando (differs from commando- wearing clothes but no undergarments)

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In your pelt

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bare, exposed, frank, real, plain, up-front, primitive ;) , unrefined, raw,

Should I go on?

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An embarrasment to human nature.

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Not in my case, of course

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@XOIIO Of course.

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disrobed, ungarbed, detuniced

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In dishabille.
In nature’s garb.
In puris naturalibus.

(I kind of made the last one up.)

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en deshabille

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in the nutty!

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Wearing the birthday suit.

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In the all together
bare as a baby

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My lucky day.

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Bare Arsed.

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Wearing emperors new clothes

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Nuddy- I just made that up…no big deal

It’s probably been said before..just don’t ruin my moment

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naked as a jaybird

skinny dipping

See ya…..Gary/wtf

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the way we were meant to be. :-)
birthday suit

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“Waggling in the wind”

“Under a full Moon”

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Gone flippy-floppy.

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not un-naked? =P

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This wasn’t modded? Any old of synonyms or slang dictionary would do the trick. You guys just like talking about nudity – shame shame.

I haven’t seen “Stark” naked, correct?

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Indecent exposure.

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Is the proper term “Butt” naked, or “Buck” naked? . Because….butt is more = to naked than “buck” is. “Buck” doesn’t really make any sense in terms of naked.

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I don’t get it. waht is so indecent about it.

@XOIIO How is it an embarrassment? It is how we were born, our natural form. How if there is a God how God meant for us to be.

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It’s not indecent, except in certain situation in our society. You don’t go to Walmart naked. You just don’t.

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@Val123 lol yea you are right we don’t. The only reason I don’t though is because I would go to jail, has nothing to do with what I believe is indecent or not. The only thing clothes are good for is keeping warm or if you like the way they look, should be an option, not forced to wear. Just me though, lol. Never actually indecent in any situation

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@justme1 Yeppers. The only reason clothes were invented was to keep our ancestors warm as they moved out of the tropical climates into places like Siberia and Kansas. Gets cold in in Siberia and Kansas! But….it’s all just a no no in our society. I’ve thought about this..if your house was on fire and you were sleeping Au Natuaral (OH! Did any body say that?) if you had a sec you’d throw on a bathrobe. If you got a call to come to the hospital ASAP, and you were naked at the moment, you’d take a sec to put on at least pants, and a shirt (if you were female). That’s how ingrained in us it is….too silly, IMO.

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@justme1 It would be that the persons size would be an embarrasment

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@Val123 Yea and it is very silly.

@XOIIO Only if they are embarrassed about it

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In 3rd grade I got in trouble because I argued with my teacher, insisting that it was spelt necked. True story.

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Natural. I’m really surprised no one said it yet.

You’re born naked, you die naked, it is just a matter of planning.

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Showing the fur suit. /cry

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@DrBill I said Au Natural—even if I spelled it it wrong!

@justme1 It is silly, in many ways, but the advent of clothing became an alternate means to display one’s social status, and it just kind of snowballed from there….

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wow this is like the biggest question thingy i ever made

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@ctimm15 LOL! I remember my first big one on It was the Monty Python one I posted here the other day. That same Q on just es’ploded! I was like, “Whoa!” You just never know…..I think it depends on how much fun people are having!

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Birthday Suit!

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hanging loose ;)
free balling

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