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The question inside is in regard to sexual habits. Sorry for not stating the question here, but wanted to give everyone a chance to by pass this rather than be smacked in the face with a sex question on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11285points) November 29th, 2009

Very simple: Where is the oddest place you have ever masturbated?

I am asking this to prove or disprove, based on jellies responses, to a lover that I am not really a weirdo because I have taken care of business in a wide array of places.

I think the oddest place I did it was in a confessional. No priest, mind you, but mass was going on.

So, am I a weirdo or what????

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Not a weirdo per se, but you probably are excited by the thought of masturbating in a semi-public place. Lot’s of folks are. Sounds like your SO isn’t.

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Haha. Nothing too weird, just my grandma’s house.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous until you’ve masturbated at my house, your list is not complete.

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@eponymoushipster I would be glad to pleasure myself in your house…no peeking.

@slices: Ah, getting it on at Granny’s….yes…

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@Sueanne_Tremendous oh, i’d peek. i’d peek so hard the whole city would feel it.

also, have you never heard of mutual masturbation? doy.

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My grandparent’s house.

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Oddly, the only two places reported so far were at grandparents homes…and I’ve never done it at either of mine…

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In a park, down below a path behind some trees. It was a bad day and I needed to release. It sounds really creepy when I type that out. If it makes it any better, it wasn’t in the US and it was raining, so nobody was around.

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@Mamradpivo you know, if that had been in the US, it would have been creepy, but in Sweden or where ever….totally totally acceptable and cool.

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@eponymoushipster Thanks. I’m not saying where it was, only that I was sure I wouldn’t end up in jail if I did get caught.

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Inside The Matrix.

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@Mamradpivo In Holland, you would have been invited to join the National Self-Abuse Squad, the Rotterdam Dolphin Waxers.

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movie theater.

Nothiing better than talking about sex on a quiet sunday afternoon.

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On the school bus.

High five for the confessional, Sueanne. I lost my virginity in a Catholic church. (No priest jokes, people. It wasn’t the damn priest. XD)

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Fuuuuuck I hope nobody I know reads this…

Usually I masturbate before I go to sleep to prevent erections in school and to turn down sexual urges. One night I didn’t have time, so I went to school. There is this one amazingly attractive girl in math class, and it was hard not to think about sex. We have 2 washrooms in our school, and one is really quiet so I went in the stall and had a quick “session”.

I think that’s going to be the wierdest one

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I was staying in a shelter for battered woman with my mom. I was about 14. We were in North Las Vegas.

I left one morning with a few bucks in my pocket. Cheeseburgers at Burger King were 19 cents. I bought six of them. Food was hard to come by.

So I walked for a long time to get to the strip. And I collected the ads that are everywhere. I rubbed one off in a Arby’s restroom..

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I whacked off in front of a department store display window while the mannekins were being dressed.

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Ha ha no your not a weirdo…you just went with your gut feeling at the time lol :-) Live for the moment is my moto!!

My very recent ‘gut reaction’ was in a car in front of my boyfriend…what a thrill….

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@definitive – did you lose control of the car and hit him?

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Yep sure did right in his g-spot lol

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A friend’s bathroom. Nothing too strange. Clean-up was a bitch, though.

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His grandma’s bed…the he in question was a he from long ago

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In a classroom while taking a test after school, teacher was in the next room

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in class in high school.

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I can’t say cause people I know in real life are on Fluther. =O

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In a car while driving, lots of churches, classrooms, parks, movie theaters, elevator…... This list keeps going. I would say the elevator was, perhaps, the strangest one. Particularly when someone got on while I was doing it.

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I am now considering becoming a “born again Catholic…” I better head to confession. ; )

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At home, in the garden, works toilets, pub garden, in a car.

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