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Why do people look at themselves when they cry?

Asked by kayyyyleigh (404points) December 9th, 2009 from iPhone

someone asked me once if I looked at myself in the mirror when i cried. and ever since, every time I cry I think about it and end up looking in the mirror. not like staring at yourself. but you catch a glimpse of yourself and just look for a moment.
anybody else do that?
anybody know why we do it?

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I don’t look at myself when I cry. I crawl in bed and curl up.

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because, let’s face it, I always look really cool!

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I try to avoid mirrors when I’m crying because I don’t think it’s pretty… or maybe I don’t want to look at my innerself

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I don’t look at myself when I cry. I don’t like the way it looks.

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i’ve never actually looked at myself cry, but now that you mention it, i probably will. i always end up looking at myself after i have cried but that’s it..

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I never have. Looking at myself would be the last thing on my mind if I’m crying!

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I don’t. Usually I sit somewhere and cover my face.

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I curl up in bed and put the covers over my head. Yeah, I cry, so what, wanna fight about it?

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@Axemusica nah, it’s better to admit you cry:) haha

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I can’t look at myself when I cry.

I’m too busy putting my arms in front of my face to fend off the bullies.

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I do a lot of crying in the bathroom, so I’m sure I have looked at myself. Maybe it’s to try to understand why the hell you’re crying in the first place. I’m not really sure.

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I think maybe to see what other people see when you are crying, because people a lot of times say they don’t like to see people cry.

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During a good cry, I usually ended up going into the bathroom to get a tissue. Then, I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror with mascara running, a red nose and puffy eyes. Not a pretty sight. But, yeah, that would be the only reason that I’d be looking in a mirror during a cry.

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We try to look for comfort, not wanting to be alone.
Our reflection gives a representation of another individual that is in the room.

And, they are kind enough to cry with us.

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@ChazMaz That’s obscurely comforting, lol.

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@ChazMaz that’s the best reasoning I’ve ever heard. thanks:)

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To feel even more sorry for myself, of course!

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Pretty sure I’ve never looked at myself in a mirror while crying.

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i havent cried in over 3 years and i plan to keep that going =)

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ive only looked at my emotionless face after a crying session, yes i am that BA.

why? cause it’s trippy

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I cry very rarely, and usually don’t look at myself, except accidentally. I used to when I was a kid, though. When I’d cry I’d just watch myself do it in the mirror. I think it was a way to wallow. Whereas most people would put on sad music, I’d make it more emotionally intense with visual cues. It probably would have been terrifying to anyone who happened to catch me do it, since (even now) I cry totally silently. This little kid, standing in front of a mirror, tears running down her face…. gah. Good thing I never did it too often.

Interestingly, I’ve occasionally made myself cry to take self-portraits. Or grabbed my camera when I did happen to cry and take a few shots. Mostly back when I was taking photo classes and doing a lot of self-portraits. They can be somewhat interesting, in an ugly sort of way.

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Seeing myself in the mirror makes me cry.

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I don’t look at myself when I cry. I studiously avoid that.

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I always stare at myself when I’m crying. It’s a catharsis moment, in a way. I find tears to be beautiful (yes, tragic as well). I want to remember those moments for they only make me stronger.

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I think I cry in front of the mirror to prove to myself that I am aware that I am sad. I don’t often cry around anyone except for my mother. Yet I am somewhat aware that things are bothering me, but I feel unable to do anything about them. I am just guessing, but I think I do it to make myself realize that I am actually expressing how I truly feel about an issue instead of bottling it up.

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We do it because we are listening to ourselves. I cry all the time in front of the mirror. We do it because we give ourselves sympathy for the reason our heart hurts. Especially if we struggle to be vulnerable with other people. It is a sign that we love ourselves.

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