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What is Xenon Light?

Asked by robin4yu (1points) December 13th, 2009

More details about xenon light

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If you are thinking about getting them on your car do it. They are fantastic.

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I was a projectionist for a long time and we used Xenon bulbs in our projectors. It is just the gas inside the bulb. The ones we used were under a tremendous amount of pressure and had a tenancy to explode.

The one in that video was rated for 25 amps. The ones we used were 175. They are very scary.

Those kids are idiots. We were a lot more careful with them. Would put them back in the box before stabbing them with a screwdriver.

You have to be very careful when installing them. The oil on your skin makes the quartz envelope very weak.

Or you could be talking about flashlights and headlights.

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It’s normal Xenon with half the calories. Obviously.

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If you’re talking in relation to cars then they are just a different type of headlight. They are much brighter so give you improved night-time vision. You’ll probably have seen them on other cars….. a slightly blue tinge to oncoming headlights. The problems with them are, they dazzle oncoming traffic, to replace a broken one is about….. 20x more expensive than a normal headlight, they have self leveling motors in the headlight unit which can get out of position.

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