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When the question-asker gives every answer lurve, does it lessen its value for you?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) December 27th, 2009

When I get a GA I want to feel someone could identify with my answer, that for me it stood out. When every answer gets lurve, I don’t feel that feeling that someone appreciates my unique views, and says, “yes, i feel tha way too”.

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No, it means she loves us every one!

Great Question!

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Ya i think its lame too, I think they just get excited someone answered there question.

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What is lurve? Does it buy understanding? No??? Then keep it.

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For me, it depends on the kind of question that is asked.

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Not at all. I’d rather be acknowledged than ignored.

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I don’t get it.
People bitch about not recieving lurve and now people are complaining about actually getting it?
Who cares. Perhaps that asker can identify with most, if not all of the answers.
Or perhaps they want to show their appreciation for everyone answering their question, and one of the only ways to do that is to give lurve as kind of a “thank you”.
Besides, how do you know who is giving you the GAs? It could be anyone. Not just the asker. Just feel good about the fact that someone felt your response worthy enough to take the time to push that little “Great Answer” link. You’d be thinking too highly of yourself to feel any different, imo.

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To lurve or not to lurve… that is the question.

This question is funny- it is talking about shallow lurve!

Me? I never mind getting lurve- it has no value at all but still feels like an “atta boy”. (It would be cool if you could save up lurve to trade for a Ferrari though)

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I don’t care much about Lurve, so either way, meh.

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Of course. Lurve suffers from greater inflation than the Italian lira did.

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I don’t think it lessens the value of lurve, but it does lessen the value of the better answers.

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Yes, actually. But since I’m getting close to 10k, I’ll accept this blatant disregard for the sacredness of our lurve.

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We can all give lurve, not just the asker. Just because every answer gets lurve doesn’t mean that it’s all from the same person.

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If you answer my question, contribute to my knowledge of the subject, and apparently either already knew the information or was able to find the answer when I could not, I will give you lurve. If you answer was really great, especially compared to the others, I can’t give you more lurve, but I can and will PM you.

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I don’t really think about what everyone else gets or gives. Everyone is different and gives or doesn’t give out lurve on their own terms. That’s what makes a site like this fun… you meet a lot of people with varied opinions on everything.
@fundevogel That’s a great point .. we don’t know that the asker is the one giving out the lurve anyway.

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I’m usually a lurve whore, haha. Most of my questions I give GA for being a participant & then on occasion I ask a serious question & give lurve to what I thought were good answers.

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I think we could live without the points system, personally if I answer a question I don’t expect a reward for it. In fact, I could potentially get to 10,000 “lurve” without once ever giving a decent answer if people give a good answer to everyone. I just gotta answer EVERY question.
The “lurve” doesnt necessarily mean Quality, or does it? isnt it just quantity?
Perhaps when you click GA, you then have to qualify WHY it was a good answer for you with a few checkboxes? will make people think twice before giving GA willy nilly, but then it makes life so much more complicated. so mibbie not.
I like the site so the “lurve” thing doesnt bother me.
(I’d rather get a wee message saying thanks, your answer changed my life and I wanna have your babies and make you breakfast in bed every morning from now on…....ok, then I woke up! lol )

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Yes it does lessen it’s value to an extent. I like to earn my lurve through decent writing or an answer tht others can relate to.

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For a few days we had it so if the asker of the question the question gave you a GA it would turn the “Great Answer” link red.

This was visually jarring and removed quickly. It was simply a bad implementation of a good idea. It was nice to see if you had a answer that the asker found helpful. But a lot of people used it to GA every response to their question.

And this was back when discussions were frowned upon. The purpose of the site was to give a real answer to a real question.

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I think that it lessen the value of best answers.

On previous websites, I always gave [whatever the equivalent of Lurve happens to be] to all answers that answered my question, even if the answer was not something I agree with. The important thing, to me, is that the person tried. On sites where I can give varying amounts of [lurve equivalent] I would give the full amount to the answers that took the most thought, going down from there.

For instance, if someone answered it with a thought out answer, I would give that answer full amount of [lurve equivalent], but if the answered the question with something like “dunno,” I gave that “answer” nothing.

I also tend to give GQ for most that I answer but am not as free with it due to the 100 lurve limit. I think that is actually a good idea because it makes people actually think rather than just hand out lurve.

Since we have a limit of being able to give 100 lurve per person as long as we are here, running out when we reach that limit, I am more careful in choosing which ones I shall lurve.

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@Leanne1986 I agree. I prefer to earn my lurve rather than have it handed to me because I am popular or whatnot. On my last q & a website I progressed relatively slowly because I often answer the sorts of questions that did not get a lot of [lurve equivalent] and I will take sometimes an hour or so to answer rather than just mass answering with short things.

If lurve were removed altogether it would not change how I answer and ask.

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I give lurve to every reasonable answer that relates to the question I have asked or is just a funny answer

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Yes – it lesssens the value for me.

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I suppose it could although I’m not certain that it really does. Now that this questions has been asked, I fear that this imponderable lurve dilemma is bound to haunt me for the rest of my days as a Jelly.

I’m a lurver,
You’re a lurver,
He’s a lurver,
She’s a lurver,
Wouldn’t you like to be a lurver too?

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@Arisztid By your standards I must be loose with my lurve. Even with the lurve limit I wouldn’t limit my lurve. That sounds too much like profs that tell you their will be 10 A’s, 20 B’s, 30 C’s and so on. Lurve-worthy is lurve worthy it doesn’t seem right to hold back my lurve for a deserving answer just because the system has limited lurve. My lurve is infinite.

Plus, it’s kinda neat when you notice you’ve been lurved by someone that’s already given all the lurve they have to give. It makes me feel awfully lurved.

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@fundevogel Oh… I had forgotten that it still shows when you lurve after the 100.

I think I shall just go back to how I was at other sites. I have been thinking “only 100, I have to conserve.”

I am not too concerned with how fast I level (I do not know what it is called here) so I think I shall just give it like I have when there is no limit.

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As always, I’m with @janbb.

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Not particularly.

When I first arrived at Fluther, I was under the impression that lurve was reserved for quality questions and answers.

The actuality of is “lurve assignment” is such an arbitrary thing among users that it’s pointless to assign any value to it other than the acknowledgment that someone appreciated something you said.

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erm…......... @gailcalled and @janbb…...... Westlife!
Sorry, for a second I thought it was name that boy band!

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