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Should I buy a MacBook for college?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I am going to college for multimedia design and I really want a MacBook. Only problem is one of the two softwares is windows only. I really dont want a windows machine and the MacBook has all the other programs on it I really want. Also I dont think the software is required for the program, just as something to use at home.

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i think you should def get the macbook, especially if it’s what you want! plus it’ll run so much “smoother” than a windows OS based computer and mac’s are more centered towards multi-media than windows machines

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MacBook can run windows and mac os x at the same time. You can have both systems of your hard drive totally separate from each other. When you turn on your macbook you can choose what operating system you want to start. This feature is called boot camp. Check it out at

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mac os leopard can has boot camp on it

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once in windows on your MacBook you can install any windows software. It basically acts like pc with elegance.

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If you add Windows to you machine, you’ll need a copy of the Windows operating system to use. You can buy an OEM copy off of EBay for anywhere from $25 – $50.

I would also recommend either Parallels or VM Ware. They allow you to run Windows along side your OS X applications. With Boot Camp you must ‘boot’ into Windows to run those applications. Running Parallels or VM Ware allows you to enjoy the OS X goodness and run those apps you need at the same time.

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Yep, definitely get a Macbook, since it can run windows just like a pc (only better), as people have noted.

However, wait until Apple updates the line, which they will do (not a guarantee, but as close as you can come with technology updates) sometime between July and September.

The update should have the latest intel processor, and also likely a casing re-design. Other possibilities, although none guaranteed, include an LCD screen, higher RAM ceilings, larger hard drives, larger, multi-touch trackpads, etc.

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