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What's to know about Mont Blanc?

Asked by ArieBoyer (43points) February 1st, 2010

I want to get my girlfriend a really great writing instrument for Valentines Day. My go to is Montblanc, but I really am not sure if this is going to be the best bang for my buck. I would like to spend under $200, so what would be your advice?

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I had a montblanc and it worked pretty well. There are others that are good too…could you go to the store and try the pens first? So nice of you!!!:-))))))

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I would recommend looking at Levenger pens- I have a friend that swears by hers. They also carry several other brands.|level=2|pageid=151

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Nice gift…good call

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Oh, so sorry. I was answering about the Mountain. What a dolt.

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There are many wonderful pens. Why not find a vintage Waterman in excellent condition on eBay. The choices are endless.

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I’ve used a Meisterstuck as a signature pen for over 30 years (belonged to my father). For routine use I prefer a Waterman or Rotring rollerball. If you go with a fountain pen, remember to put it in an airtight container if you are going to fly (or drive in the mountains) with it. You can get excellent Rotrings or Watermans in the price range you state. I’ve dealt with Levenger for many years, they are an excellent firm with a very liberal return policy. You can buy Rotring and Waterman products via Levenger (I don’t believe they sell Mont Blanc).

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Kyocera makes pens with ceramic ballpoints…sold here

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