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Now I can't delete my emails!

Asked by Val123 (12684points) February 5th, 2010

A bit ago I posted a question concerning the fact that my email was acting up. When I’d send an email it would say it couldn’t send it, when it actually DID send it. And the silly thing would try over and over and over, so every time I sent an email the recipient would get a gazillion copies, until I deleted it from my Outbox.

Well, I started having this feeling that it might have something to do with the sent mail, so I started deleting everything from my sent file…..and it seemed to fix the problem.

I deleted six months worth of stuff….and now suddenly Outlook isn’t deleting my stuff when I tell it to! It won’t delete anything from any folder.

Also, can anyone tell me how to run my AVG virus scan?

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What email are you using/what program are you running this in?

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Outlook Express.

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The inbox may be corrupted.
Try deleting the files inbox.dbx and deleted.dbx

WARNING!!!: This will delete all of your stored emails, so save any that you really want to keep!

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Stop using outlook express if it’s so much trouble.

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@XOIIO sigh. I’ve only used it for 15 years, and these problems just cropped up today. It’s not like I’ve battled with it for months and months. I was just looking for a bit of technical help, if there is some out there.

@Mozart That sounds scary! How do I save files from Outlook? Can I put them to disc and reload them?

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This is copied from AVG support

The whole computer scan may be launched in different ways. Please select the most suitable one:

1. Launch the complete test by clicking on the “Computer scanner” button

* Please open the AVG Free program
* Click on the “Computer scanner” button from navigation panel located at left hand side
* Then please click on the “Scan whole computer” option
* Now the complete test of your computer is running

2. Launch the complete test from “Tools” menu

* Please open the AVG Free program
* Click on the “Tools” menu located at the top of window
* Select the “Scan computer” option from the menu
* The complete scan of your computer will start imediatelly

Automatic daily test plan is part of default AVG Free configuration. It is therefore usually not necessary to run the test manually, unless you disabled the default test plan. To check whether the automatic daily test is enabled, please proceed as follows:

* Open AVG Free program.
* Click on the Computer scanner in the left part of the window.
* In the list of Scheduled scans, there will be displayed the time of the next scan.
* In case the Scheduled scan is set to Disabled, double-click on it and tick the option Enable this task.


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@jaytkay Scanning. Thank you so much…

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@Val123 I have no idea how to save them because I don’t use Outlook Express, sorry

Perhaps deleting them would be a bit drastic, maybe moving them into another folder would also work?

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But I don’t know how else to store them other than in an Outlook folder….Can I store them elsewhere on my computer? Thanks so much for your assistance!

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@Mozart Oh wait! You mean it will delete the files I have in my inbox, not those I have saved in other folders?

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I would try updating to Windows Live Mail. Which is basically an updated version of Outlook Express. Maybe it will fix bugs.

Before updating, find the folder with inbox.dbx and copy it (with a folder name like Outlook Express BACKUP). Then you can get back where you were if it goes drastically wrong (which is not likely).

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@jaytkay Excellent advice! Thank you very much!

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