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Trying to identify this Guatemalan fruit?

Asked by mcmasterchef (1points) February 6th, 2010

On vacation in Guatemala we hiked a volcano near Antigua and saw these small orange fruit, which our guide said is common in jams and preserves there. It tasted somewhat like apricot but a little sour. A picture is here:

If anyone knows what it is called and whether it can be found in the US, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It looks a bit like a kumquat if you ask me. And the flavor you describe is similar.

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It looks like a loquat to me. Kum or Lo?

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Looks more lo than kum. I guess all quats are not made the same.

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I say Lo. Can I get a witness?

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Looks like a loquat to me. The fruits are tasty but inside are big shiny black seeds and they are sour if your tooth nicks them. Southern California is rife with loquats.

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(I just checked to see if loquats are native to Guatemala, and they are. Not that that makes me right, but at least it’s possible that I could be right.)

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