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Can you help me choose the right Canon rebel camera model?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) February 15th, 2010

I am on the Canon website and there are 3 different types of rebels:
-EOS Rebel T1i
-EOS Rebel XSi
-EOS Rebel XS

I have no idea which one to get. I have never owned a professional camera before, so I won’t understand any fancy lingo having to do with megapixels and lenses. I do need to know, the ranking from highest to lowest quality in those models above and the approx prices. What you would suggest for someone who is new but also wants a good quality camera? (out of those 3 models)

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I own the Rebel XT.It is a few years old and I love it.I’d start with the lowest priced model,then buy a lens or two with the extra cash.You don’t necessarily have to buy a Canon lens.I have two canons and one Tamron lens.The Tamron has an excellent warranty.

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Only get the T1i if you want the video. Otherwise get the XSI.

If it’s a choice between the XSI and the XS get the XSI as the screen is bigger and it has automatic dust removal.

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@Rarebear Thanks. Is there a big difference in photo quality with the T1i, and the XSI?

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@desiree333 Not really. More megaix on the T1i, but that’s it. More megapixels don’t necessarily mean better quality. The major difference is the hi def video on the T1i

If you want high quality pictures, you’re better off spending your money on a good lens rather than the camera body.

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@Rarebear Okay, I think I will go for the XSI, but is the lense on it when you purchase it going to give you that good quality picture? If not, what do you recommend. I don’t want to spend over $650 in total. This is going to be a beginner camera just for my personal use.

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If it’s a beginner camera, the kit 18–55 IS lens will work just fine. It’s nice and light, and the image quality is quite good for its price`. You also might want their 55–250 IS telephoto lens. The image is a bit soft at max telephoto, but it’s certainly good enough for beginner work.

Here are some reviews of the 18–55 IS lens.

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Thanks, would this be suitable for me? I think I will only need 1 lense to begin with.

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Sure. As I said, I preferred the XSI because of the bigger screen and the automatic dust removal, but the XS is a fine camera.

I would go down to your local electronics store such as Best Buy and handle each of them.

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Just to be clear, you’re not getting a professional camera with any of those. DSLR =/= Professional.

That being said, get the cheapest one you can and put the money you saved into good lenses. I have an XT that’s been great and since I bought something old I could afford to get more lenses for it. The lens is more important than the camera.

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@theichibun She said she didn’t want to spend more than $650 so that limits her choices. She also said she’s a beginner.

I agree the XT would be fine also. It all depends on how many bells and whistles you want. I chose the XSI because I needed the Live View feature.

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—@theichibun BTW, I checked out your website. You have some very nice pictures in there. Are you using L-series lenses?”

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