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What is everyones reaction to the story of a marine throwing a puppy over a cliff?

Asked by LuckVIII (367points) March 3rd, 2008
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i think that more than likely it was already dead and the whimper was added in.

it’s still not funny.

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Imagine what goes on when the cameras are off. And we wonder why they plant bombs when we are spreading freedom. And it looks like he actually works for Blackwater..

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I doubt those who would plant bombs to kill people care much for the life of a dog.

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Yes, only people that can drop bombs from planes that kill thousands of people at a time can truly care for the life of a dog.

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the dog looked dead to me but it’ a still wrong. I wonder what he’d do if he found a dead body???

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so much uproar over a dog yet people are being killed every day. why isnt there a question about our reaction to the various wars across the world? since its a puppy, its offensive….. this question is just offensive.

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War in general has the potential to create psychotic murderers out of ordinary people.

Put these people in a baseless war where they’re made to do immoral things and this is the result.

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Maybe he killed the dog, then was trying to dispose of the body before any innocent little child saw its remains…...
Either way it’s sick….
And i find it funny that there is wars going on, but marines still have the spare time to kill harmless pets…..

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Once I saw a guy kill a spider. I asked him why. His reply: “Because it was a spider.”

How many hamburgers did you eat this week? I had a fillet mignon last night. It was delicious. Except for hard core vegetarians, no one is calling me a murderer.

What makes the life of a puppy more valuable than the life of a spider or cow? Because it’s cute? How hypocritical, unless you’re a vegan, to vilify this Marine for killing a puppy. What are your shoes made of? What have you eaten today?

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Poser, that was one GREAT answer!
(I’d like to try and see someone throw a cow off a cliff though….)


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