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What is going to happen to me in court tomorrow if i dont pay my speeding ticket fine?

Asked by phil2854 (2points) February 24th, 2010

I got a speeding ticket on a Friday afternoon and another ticket for no insurance on Saturday and i owe a fine of $384 tomorrow but don’t have the money.

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As long as it’s not criminal (speeding) than you will probably just have to set up a payment plan. No biggie, but they will be expecting some money.

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First, if you take proof of insurance with you to court, it will reduce the fine. If you have an argument to make on the speeding ticket, they may reduce that one as well.

You will have to say that you have no money. You can possibly arrange to make payments.

In the worst case scenario, you may have to go to jail. Are you sure you cannot borrow the money from your parents?

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What state do you live in because that will determine the outcome of your case. Some states all traffic offenses are considered “criminal offenses” which would mean you COULD face jail time for not paying. Other states are “civil offenses” which means they will suspend your license if you don’t pay, however, if you drive after you have your license suspended that is a criminal offense in all states so you would face jail time for that.

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I was just in traffic court for the first time on Monday. I failed to come to a complete stop.
Here’s my experience. In California, traffic court is a criminal court. The court is usually over-crowded and they are just trying to get everyone in and out ASAP. The judge I got was very nice and did her best to reduce the fines on every single citation, including dismissing some infractions when possible dependiong on priors. In some cases you can work off a large chink of your fine with community service at a non-profit organization and they will give you at least 90 days to complete your service. They will allow you to make payment plans for as long as you need.

The system isn’t all that screwed up as long as you’re not coontentious and you are aware that you will end up paying something. Usually less than you expected.

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it depends on the judge in front of you on that day. he/she may be forgiving and understanding or ruthless. you may have to do community service and be a slave to the county sheriff’s department for a week or go thru a traffic class.

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