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What would you do if you knew that you could not die before a certain point in time?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) March 12th, 2010

Say that circumstance would preserve you from death, but you could still be pretty heavily injured.

I was thinking of Arthur Dent, and how he was doomed to basically be immortal until he had visited Stavromula Beta. Thought it would make a good question.

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I would challenge my neighbor “Steviant” to a duel,but not before slapping his face with a glove…or a flounder ;)

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So I could be an immortal vegetable for 30+ years? Pass…
I’d play it conservative.

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Makes me think of a story I tried to write about a guy that hires a hitman to kill himself on a certain day in the future. Thought it a novel idea because it took that mystery out of living. If I new I couldn’t die, I would drive a little faster, dance a little more, and go to Vegas for broke.

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If I knew I not going to die until 45 more years had passed, I might undertake some longer term goals than I feel confident to undertake at my age (56). I am not so old but with my health problems arising from my disability, I feel less confident about the number of years I have left ahead of me.

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I HOPE I die before I run out of money! lololol

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I might relax a little more and worry less about swimming after eating.

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Wouldn’t live any diferently I’m not much of a thrill—seeker

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sleep and watch t.v.

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Parachute jump, drive race cars, ski jump…..and a few other things that are low on my list due to the injury potential (and I’m clumsy, so….)

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Run around pretending I’m Duncan Macleod.

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I’d do everything on my bucket list….twice.

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I would prefer death to critical injuries, so I guess I wouldn’t do much different at all. If I couldn’t have any lasting injuries though, I would help protect the Australian soldiers fighting overseas by blowing up IEDs for them, walking into ambushes and blowing the enemy’s cover etc.

I already sky dive, I don’t have the money to rent a track car or a fighter jet, and walking across the Sahara isn’t my idea of fun.

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I would volunteer to take on the more risky EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) jobs myself. It would save lives. In EOD work, if you’re not blown to bits the worst injuries are pretty minor.

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Where’s my Superman suit?

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This might sound strange, but…sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind knowing I only had a year to live. I’d for sure spend 50k on a 4–6 month cruise around the world. Come back, eat, drink and be merry, and then…poof

Somehow I don’t think knowing when your time is up is such a bad thing. :-)

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How much time? I suppose I’d just start budgeting it so I’d allot enough time to make obscene amounts of money, and the rest of my life to eat through my life savings and do things that matter. Reconnect with old friends and family members I never talk to. Go through the ‘100 Things To Do Before I Die’ list—for me this includes skydiving, finishing a collection of short stories, and sneaking into a show at NYFW. I’d find a cause to devote the rest of my life to and expend all my energy on that. I think it would either be promoting literacy in the world or trying to give everyone access to technology and the internet.

And then on my deathbed I will finally finish reading War and Peace.

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great question but i find it difficult to answer.

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probably be more reckless

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I suppose that I should have said that you wouldn’t necessarily die when your stint at immortality was over.

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