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What are some unusual, or hidden places you clean in your home?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) April 26th, 2010

Stupidly, I never thought to clean out my toothbrush holder in the past 4 months or so (it’s not clear, and I’ve always had clear ones, so I guess it just didn’t occur to me)—and well, when I went to clean it tonight, I almost threw up.

What are things that you clean every so often? What are you obsessive about cleaning?

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Occasionally I check the stoppers in all sinks. Due to hard water, they are covered with a viscous brown disgustingness. A little vinegar does the trick.

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What is this “clean” you speak of?

Anyhoo, I recently disassembled my laptop and a couple of computer keyboards and put the eligible-looking parts through the dishwasher. Everything went back together nicely and no parts were left over.

So my words are reaching you especially cootie-free this week. But you probably already noticed that.

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@gailcalled good god that’s disgusting, why would you even let it get there lol…...

I have a pet peeve for dirty showers, and I hate when dirt and lint builds up on the toilet and behind it. I also don’t like when the area behind the sink is dirty.

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@Blackberry: I suppose it is possible to never run water in any of my sinks or showers.

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I try to keep the area under the burners clean on my stove. About once a month I lift and clean.

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Behind the refridgerator, underside of water faucets, tops of shower doors, entire underside and base of toilet, window and sliding door tracks, the tops of picture frames and floating cabinets, plant shelves, hanging light fixtures.

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When I really feel the need to regroup and reorganize, I start small. I look in all my small containers that store pushpins, rubber bands, screws and nails, picture hasngers and all the little bowls things get dropped in for convenience and straighten them all out, each to its proper container, nothing left in bowls. Then I move up to the ‘junk’ drawers.

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@blackberry behind the toilet is the scariest place in the world.

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Geez gail I’m just ‘joshin’ ya lol.

Yes Jazmina, that’s why I clean it all the time lol.

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I clean everything. Except my room. Which is why reading some of the above posts makes me laugh. If those are unusual, then I’m crazy.

Once a month, I clean out the pantry and all of the kitchen cabinets and wipe down the cabinet walls/shelves.
I check the crawlspace a lot too, because there are often dead animals in there and I have no desire to smell that.
I clean behind TVs and break down as many electronics as I can and dust them off/out.
I wipe out the hot tub every few weeks just so it’s not as hard to clean when we actually get to use it.

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I wash the cat door with lysol wipes, but then, I have more than the cat coming in. lol

If I forget to do the delta lockdown I have raccoons, skunks & possums coming through for a kitchen raid.

Last summer I woke at 2am to 3 Raccoons eating lemon bundt cake on the table.

@gailcalled OMG! ..there is NOTHING more disgusting than the weird bits of matter that accumulate in the drain thingies! lol

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I keep scraching the gunk off my computer screen with my finger-nails…

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Inside the ceiling light fixtures.

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soo for some reason, every answer i gave a great answer to (except for one), gave it 2 great answers! strange!!

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@rangerr Say it ain’t so!
Dead animals in your crawlspace!
You just confirmed one of my fears. Ooph.

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I once took off all the key on my keyboard and cleaned the inside…way too time consuming to ever to that again! But I don’t think cleaning anywhere is unusual. You should clean everywhere! I obsess over the kitchen, so I am always cleaning the oven grills so they stay clean and don’t get too gross looking.

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I wipe down my laptop with a damp cloth, and use a can of ‘blowoff’ for the keyboard. Works great to blow any crumbs out from between the keys. Typing with toast. lol

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@Coloma yeah I do the condensed air spraying of the keyboard, but it doesn’t get off what is crusted to the side of the keys. I guess I should stop eating dinner in front of the computer :/

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And there is the moment when the repair man comes and pulls out one of the heavy appliances. You both stare in horror at the collection of dust bunnies, dessicated mice, ancient prunes, cat toys and missing socks.

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Amazing huh?

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@WolfFang: I’m just guessing since a very old and very dry prune looks like other things.

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Are there ways to clean a laptop? Wow now I look at mine I am about to reach for the cleaner. I never thought too much about it but now I read that its looking pretty grim. I cleaned my outside patio the other day. I had a mass killing of spiders who had crafted their homes on my windows and I thought to really finish off the event I would chuck a hot bucket of dettol and dish washing liquid about the patio and windows to rid of any web trails etc. I liked how clean it made my paving slabs that I might do it again in a few weeks. I got quite carried away polishing it up nicely :)

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@zookeeny: From the distaff side, spiders are the good guys; they trap the bad guys, like mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies and the truly bloodthirsty blackflies (aka jaws with wings).

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@gailcalled—That is a lesson that came up last week. I said “How come, just after the pest control comes by – the flying insects seem to multiply?” Hubby pointed out “Because the pest control sweeps away all the spider webs and sprays the spiders.”

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@YARNLADY: Any other methods available besides the spray that pest control uses? I think of those two beautiful little grandbabies and hate the idea of any spray being near them.

You can use a dust mop or dust buster or honey and borax or double-sided sticky tape for pesty pests.

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@gailcalled Thanks for the concern. The pest control only sprays outside the house and around the edges inside the garage. He doesn’t come inside where the children are, and they are only here on week-ends.

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The clothes washer lid and lid housing…hard water @gailcalled says, well it makes your shit grody.

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