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What are laws regarding coca tea in North America?

Asked by workaholic (194points) June 1st, 2010

…I’m mainly interested in Canada, actually.

If I were to serve coca tea at a public event, would that be legal? If so, are there conditions?


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What is coca tea?

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It’s is a tisane (herbal tea) made using the leaves of the coca plant; typically the raw leaves of the plant. It is made either by submerging the coca leaf or dipping a tea bag in hot water. The tea originates from the Andes mountain range, particularly Bolivia, Equador and Peru.

The leaves of the coca plant contain several alkaloids including cocaine; in fact, they comprise the sources for cocaine’s chemical production, though the amount of cocaine in the leaves is so small, around 0.4%, that in order to make a gram of cocaine, 250 grams of coca leaves would be needed. A cup of coca tea prepared from one gram of coca leaves contains approximately 4.21 mg of cocaine.


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Well, they make chocolate out of them and that’s legal, so why not tea? Except I guess you’d better hope that none of your guests have to take a drug test any time soon.

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@Val123 chocolate comes from a different plant to cocaine.

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Chocolate is made from the cacao nut.

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It is perfectly legal to import into the US for personal use. Actually I am seeking FDA approval to import it in a commercial basis.

At least in the US is perfectly legal to serve it in public, we did it once at a bolivian movie premier.

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@pepe Does the tea make you happy?

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Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiles of any of my four grandchildren. I don’t think anything I take into my body can create a similar feeling. I believe happiness is a (superior) state of concious being.

As for coca tea, it gives me a sense of wellbeing and all my pains go away when I drink a cup after a long run. Now if I run over 13 miles then I take two bags. But this may be because of my genes, I am a half native from the Andes.

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