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Does "Cedar Water" exsist anywhere else besides South Jersey?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) June 1st, 2010

In the Pine Barrens all the water is iced tea colored. This is do the Iron Ore at the bottom of the waterways. Does this exist anywhere else in the world?

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I though it was mainly a Pine Barrens thing but this article says something similar forms in the “the pygmy forests of California and the mangrove swamps found in many tropical regions of the world.” In southern Delaware our well water is very rich in iron two and is sort the same color. I don’t drink the water but I shower and wash clothes in it and it stains everything. I’m getting a water filter soon though.

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In N Wisconsin many of the lakes are tea or root beer colored from the tachinite(basically low grade iron ore) in the substrate.

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What do you call that water there?

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Wow! I didn’t know about that. Does anyone drink the water? If so,does it taste ok? It sounds terrible, but I guess if it’s not harmful and you’re accustomed to it, ....

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You can actually drink it strait from the source and not have any thing too horrible happen to you.

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In Florida, some rivers are tea colored from the tannins leached from cypress trees.

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