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I just lost my umbrella... anyone know a cool one to get?

Asked by TheRocketPig (612points) June 5th, 2010

I just lost my umbrella (which I only had for a week). I’m hoping to find some super cool umbrella to fill the hole this one left.

(I’m usually not the type to loose stuff so I don’t mind spending a little $ on a new one.)

Anyone have any suggestions for an interesting/cool/badass umbrella?

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I can’t really help you but I love that losing your umbrella left a hole in your life and that all you want is another badass umbrella to replace it. I would get a big one, well not too big though. I had a big umbrella once and I was like Queen of the Sidewalk. People seemed to find it intimidating and stepped aside in my wake. I loved that. :)

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haha, yeah… this one that I had was a decent size… I most certainly don’t want some dinky umbrella. It needs to be large enough to accommodate me being chivalrous… and yet keep me dry in the process.

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Chivalry is not dead, good to know. I would try a nice, not necessary totally upscale, but nice department store. You might be able to fine one there.

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I think it would be cool if people made umbrellas that have God of War or Resident Evil or even Final Fantasy on it. Now that would be one badass umbrella. Sorry, you lost yours of course. I am sure they sell umbrellas in any store really. Maybe even the mall. And I have a huge umbrella too. When I use it, I am afraid I am going to knock someone off the sidewalk into a puddle of rain, or have someone lose an eye. But it is quite funny when people have to go around you. ^_^ And they even look at you funny. I get a laugh out of it. Makes my day. :)

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A Fulton Birdcage. It’s made of clear plastic so you can have it cover your head completely and look out through it.

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@Smile05 well… technically I guess any white/red umbrella could be Resident Evil. Here’s one that think geek has on their site; but yeah, I’d totally be all over some game umbrella.

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If you dislike rain you might like this one.

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these are quite cool

I know how you feel losing an umbrella, I lost the one I bought for my wedding day (It poured down the day before my wedding but thankfully I didn’t need it as the day was beautiful) I was gutted, I left it at my local library and no one handed it in, they decided to keep it for themselves :(

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If you have some money, go for Burberry. Always a correct choice.

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This is your mother talking. “I’m sorry, Honey, you can’t have a fancy umbrella until you learn to keep your things nice. You’ll just have to use Aunt Betsy’s clear plastic one for another month until you learn.”

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I’d get completely clear one,invisible to the eye umbrella so when you walk in the rain people think you are generating a force field over your head or a magical aura. What..? What do you mean that isn’t cool psf whatever….... :D

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Or you can choose the stormproof umbrella.

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Depending on where you live, you should definitely go to Pylones! That place has amazing and creative/funky/fun types of stuff! Unfortunately, they only have stores scattered around NYC (Lexington, SOHO, Greenwich Village, Wall Street and Grand Central that should be about it), but you should definitely check out their website too! If you’re willing to wait some time (being you don’t live in the city, then you can definitely order off of their website! But they’ve got some great stuff there!

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My sister says her Totes umbrella is fantastic. I like the NY subway umbrellas and my college umbrella.

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I desperately want the Jonathan Adler Words umbrella.

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