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Why can't I log in anymore using my MSN Browser?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) July 7th, 2010

I am having difficulty logging in.

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Yay! I’m back in.

I also couldn’t for a while. Scary.

Have you read the blog?

Have you tried rebooting – and clearing your cookies first?

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I had trouble too. I had to clean my cookies. What a strange term.

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Very strange indeed. Could sound a bit OCD. Could on the other hand sound slightly erotic.

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OCD like the Cookie Monster, @rebbel – ??? I think not, as I explained in the thread; the Count is probably Obessive Compulsive; the Cookie Monster is more than likely just a messy guy.

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OCD like compulsive cleaning.

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@zenele OCD like washing your cookies.

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@chyna OCD like cooking your laundry.

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I can’t log in with Safari without deleting cookies, and then when I tried to answer a question, I found that I had been logged out while I was typing my answer.

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I have to use Internet Explorer to log in here. I prefer to use MSN.
I hope this will be fixed.
Can someone please fix it?
Until yesterday I always used MSN and had no problem. Why has this changed?

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I am guilty of disliking change.
Thank you for telling me who had difficulty too.
Every cite always has to change things. I hope they will make it possible for me to use MSN.
The blog didn’t help me. I want to be able to use MSN. Why can’t I? Can anyone correct this?

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