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What should I put on this bare wall in the tv room?

Asked by Aster (19292points) July 26th, 2010

We have twelve feet of wall we can use in the den. It has a dog pen and a picture. What should go on that wall? In the room: a 55” tv on the wall with a chest underneath for components, brown leather sofa, two navy recliners, a coffee table, three lamp tables. What would you put on that wall? I’d like two matching chairs but what kind ?

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window or a giant picture

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@daytonamisticrip Put a window on the wall?? It is a wall with rooms on the other side of it. And the wall Has a picture hanging already. thanks, though. (-;

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Put a bookshelf. You don’t have to only put books though. Knick knacks of any sort, sculptures, your childrens artwork from when they were 5.

In my kitchen my mom blew up 6 photos in black and white that me and my siblings took when we traveled.

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@Mtl_zack I thought about a low , long, lighted curio cabinet, maybe with a small to med. chair on each side, matching chairs.
It seems that one couch and two recliners might not be enough seating? Not sure. thank you.

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The bookshelf is a good idea. You could keep DVDs on it.

If you’re a movie buff, you could frame a huge poster of your favorite movie poster or actor/actress.

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Build a big African scene puzzle, frame it and hang it up!

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Great! So should it be a long, low set of shelves or a tall skinny one?

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You could put two or three long rows of bookshelves on the wall about 4 or 5 feet up with a pair of chairs beneath them. Maximize space!

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I love the idea of wall vinyls

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How about a mural?

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@Afos22 cannot do a mural ‘cause we have so many pictures and things to hang and one is up there now!
Thanks, everyone!!I appreciate it.

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