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Why is mac fighting microsoft?

Asked by FlunkieX (7points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Its boggled my mind for years

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And the company is called “Apple”.

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They aren’t fighting- the two companies are very competitive but do a lot of work together to inovate if you haven’t noticed.

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The only field they really compete on is the music player market.

Their OSes aren’t even in much competition because OSX is legally bound to Macs. They don’t care about the vanilla PC market. And Microsoft has been making software for the mac since the dawn of //e.

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They aren’t fighting, in fact their competitiveness is based on Apple’s problem with marketing their brand as Microsoft only make Software and Apple not only have to convince Windows users to switch Operating systems, they have to convince them to buy a completely new Operating System. This is why Linux OS’s don’t attack Microsoft, they simply provide an alternate OS.

Microsoft and Apple actually work together often, and note they always attack each others products, not the companies.

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Because they’re both companies competing in the same space for a particular set of customers.

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