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Can lemon juice be used to kill the bacteria in raw meat or chicken, so you can just put it in lemon juice and then eat it afterwards without cooking it? It would be like ceviche - but for red meat.

Asked by willw2 (5points) August 10th, 2010

I love ceviche, and am wondering if others have tried this….

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The concerns for raw meat aren’t limited to bacteria. Raw pork or beef can also be contaminated with tapeworms, which when ingested by humans can lead to serious consequences such as neurocysticercosis. Now, these diseases are rare in Western countries where the animals are monitored closely, but in other countries this would be a huge risk. FYI, you also need to be very careful eating homemade ceviche for risk of developing anisakiasis. I’ve seen these pulled out of peoples’ stomachs who ate poorly prepared ceviche. Be careful.

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You don’t want to do this with chicken, that’s nasty. But beef you can usually eat raw if you’d like, and it’s prepared right.

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Why is beef okay but not chicken?

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Chicken, raw chicken, aside from being nasty, I think it carries more chance of food poisoning.

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FYI. Behind the screen name of @shilolo is a real life MD.

I would give more weight to his responses in terms of accuracy.

TC and anyone else is perfectly welcome to voice their opinions as well.

I just wouldn’t be betting my life or health on them.

Do a little research on both Salmonella and E-Coli.

You may decide that ceviche from meats is not quite so attractive an idea. It’s not served at most restaurants for very good reasons. They like the idea of staying in business.

Lemon juice is not enough to combat the two items I just mentioned.

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Lemon juice won’t even kill surface bacteria. You can grow mold in lemon juice. All meats should be cooked thoroughly.

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