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Podcasting ... easy or hard?

Asked by CaptainHarley (22432points) August 18th, 2010

I’ve bought a domain name, am getting some help building a Website, and want to generate my own podcasts. Any advice? : )

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Are you wondering about the technical aspects of how to set up a podcast site, how to generate/record the content, or more general questions about what makes a podcast good?

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Uh… yes! LOL!

This is a decision I made yesterday, so I’m essentially starting from ground zero. I have checed out some of the companies that supply podcasting capability and have found one I like which seems to be very simple and straightforward to set up and use. That’s about it so far.

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Hmm, if I wanted to set something up quickly and simply…

You need audio recording equipment; I don’t know much about what’s good.

You need software to record and edit it. Audacity is free, and I think people use in for podcasting, youtube has tutorials on it, at least.

I’d probably set up a simple blog using blog software like Wordpress. It looks like the wordpress site has some information about podcasting and a wordpress plugin that looks pretty easy.

I guess it depends on whether you plan to run your own site or use a service of some sort.

(I don’t do any podcasting myself, but that should at least give you some more information)

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You need to be able to be natural in a completely manufactured setting.

if you have any technical questions feel free to PM me.

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Thanks. I have a fairly steep learning curve on this, but that’s never slowed me down before. : )


Being “natural” just about anywhere isn’t a problem; the technical stuff IS! : ((

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@CaptainHarley . . . You’d be surprised man.

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Son, at 67 hardly ANYTHING suprises me anymore! : D

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