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Is there any social network connector?

Asked by Alireza (43points) September 5th, 2010 from iPhone

I have accounts in twitter, yahoo meme and google buzz and I don’t have time to write in all of them. Is there any tools for connecting these social networks and organizing them?

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At the bottom of this page are two Blog Feed and Questions Feed. On many sites, they are called RSS feeds.

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Check the app store on your iPhone. There are lots of free apps that allow you to manage all your social networking accounts and update them all at once.

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There are many applications that can post to multiple activity journal websites (e.g. I use Gwibber to post to Twitter, Facebook and

What might be easier though, is to set up an account at , connect it to the networks you use and use that website to post to all at once. It won’t help you to read all at once though.

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tnx, that was helpful

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