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Just curious about the mean age of Flutheronions?

Asked by YoBob (12828points) September 9th, 2010

I am an Askville refugee and enjoy the QA format of Fluther. However, it seems that the mean age of those on Fluther is a bit younger than on Askville.

So, how old are y’all.

I’ll go first… I have survived 48 trips around the sun.

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I just turned 29 last month.

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I think we all start to get mean after 30.

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I didn’t start getting mean til the second half of my century.

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Yes, I too am suffering from male pattern grumpiness.

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I’ll hit the big 30 at the start of next year.

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I’m a third of a century old

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I got my AARP card in the mail this year! I burned it! Some real sick jokester out there!

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Let’s just say I was disappointed when my wife said I was a quarter of a century old. It sounded much worse than it actually is.

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@Cruiser, My wife did the same thing. However, IMHO, for a 20% discount on darned near anything you can imagine I’ll be happy to let them think I’m over the hill, for I know that the best years are still ahead.

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30! 30! 30! and a half….sick.

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I don’t like onions…..they make me cry.

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30 next month.

le sigh

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Lot’s of almost 30s…hmmmm….what could this meaannnnn. Searching for the answers to life before the certain death of 3–0?

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@SundayKittens I just think its the happy medium between shallow youngsters and the computer illiteracy of many more mature people. There are some of us at different ends of the spectrum, but 30s is the peak of the bell curve.

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Fluther onions sound kinda tasty.

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@FireMadeFlesh Interesttiiiinnng. I am the peak of the bell curve, I knew it.

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fivety four. This site was created by people recently out of college. It seems to me that it would be natural that young people would speak up more often here. It also seems like it is often a family affair.

My experience of the younger folks is that they are have good analytical and writing skills. They also seem to be pretty willing to speak up for what they believe. Like all ages, some are more secure than others.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the age skews towards the twenties, but there are plenty of people from all ages around here. The most important thing, though, is that they most people here who answer questions can think fairly lucidly.

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@ChazMaz I think the mean theory is correct.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir 26!?!?!?!? You are wise beyond your years!

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52, but I’m not really mean.

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Flutheronions is a new one. @Allie would not be pleased with this name

I turn 32 in 9 days. crap, didn’t realize it is so soon

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I’m a 21-year-old with an older soul.

I love that the jellies here cover a broad generation spectrum. The insight I have gained from people who come from different backgrounds is well appreciated :)

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@chyna Would you be mean to me if I asked you to?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Only if you ask really nicely.

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This question is mean.

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I really want to write “42” as my answer, but I’m actually 47.

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Twenty two times two.

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16, but technically 25.

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I could be your mother. Well not all of you.

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First of all, I am no Fluther-onion. A name containing the most vile food ever? No thanks. A Flutherite, a Jelly, a Flutherer.. sure, no onion. You are correct, @free_fallin.

To answer the question, I’m 22. I’ll turn 23 in December.

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@Allie teehee. I had to share it with you when I saw the name. :)

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ummmm….looks like I’m the elder of this group!

63 and will be 64 in November!

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@BoBo1946 I’m really glad to see several Fluther<insert suffix here> who remember as many (or more) presidents as I do.

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@YoBob got’cha…. I’m happy to be 63! anyday above ground is a good day!

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I’m 19 and just turned it a couple weeks ago. :)

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Just got the onion joke. I’m a little slow today.

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@JilltheTooth yeah it was mine, but what the hell :¬/

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@ucme : Well props to you then! Of course, now I only see it as two words, now!

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43 here. We have members ranging from 13 years old to at least the upper end of the 60s. I can’t remember for the life of me who our oldest member is… I’m getting old. But not mean.

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@DominicX 19…. wow! As someone once said, “you’re even wet behind the ears yet!” Well, on second thought, anyone that can get into Sanford is not naive!

My son was a graduate of UVA and got his MBA at Kellogg at Northwestern in Chicago. I’m very proud of him. I’m sure your parents are very proud of you. You write some “good stuff” here.

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I’m six. But you knew that.

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Older than 40.

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^^But so wise beyond his years.

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Additional age info here

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56 sometimes.

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Im 17, and everyone I don’t think @YoBob means “mean” Like most of you think. They mean “mean” as in the average age of everyone on here. I think

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So far I’m the oldest at 65, but I think there are a couple older than I. I am often the oldest, almost always at the skate park and when mountain biking down the side of the hill.

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I’m two thirds of a century old.

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@ipso :-) and lurve to you also!

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@augustlan You can’t be getting old, because I’m always a year older than you – and I’m one year younger than @AstroChuck and he’s only six.

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@dverhey wow…you show lots of maturity for your age. Good show young chap!

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I just noticed my own typo in my previous comment. FOR SHAME.
I’m so proud of little @AstroChuck. Kindergarten graduation coming up!

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@Mom2BDec2010 I think people get that ..the joke is that they made it “mean” instead of what @YoBob actually meant :P

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Half of my user name is my birth year. Just do the math.

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@Jabe73 You were born in 1873?!

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@DrasticDreamer : I figure he was born in 73. That makes him…let’s see…1,937 yrs old. Damn, @Jabe73 , you am one old person.

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@DrasticDreamer Yeah I’m 137 years old. (I guess the ketogenic diet really does work).

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@Jabe73 I must get on that diet.

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Okay. Truth is I’m somewhere between 40 and death.

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^^ He is older than me. :)

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^ I’m older than her ;~)

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I wad promised there’d be no algebra, you guys ^^^

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y- k/3 = (r = >40) 
xr2 + z = <k
x ≠ 6
y/r = AstroChuck

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That’s what she said.

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Did anyone else read that as “Fluther Onions”?

And I’m 24.

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I’m one month younger than my Fluther surname sibling (his Fluther surname is also 1946) and I think I’m the fourth oldest poster here so far (I’ll be 5th if ETpro answers this question).

I’m 63.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I thought it was “fluther onions” too.

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Hate admitting to be well over a half century old. ))-: but I feel great !

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I am 40 ish.

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It’s been a long time since I answered this thread. I was 3 months shy of 30, now 6 past 31.

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And I’m still six.

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