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Do you want a "wife"? (details)

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22622points) September 12th, 2010

I’ve often said I want a “wife” to take care of me how I take care of my partners so I could just open my eyes in the morning and have little to do except head out the door and go to work.

In your eyes what’s an idealized “wife”? How much are the services worth to you? I’ve had a stay at home bf before who was a pretty decent “wife”... until he got a fulltime paying job. Would you give an allowance to a stay at home “wife”? I know I would if I could.

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Yes. Absolutely. What I want most from my wife is someone who can take care of the daily administrative tasks. Make sure the bills get paid, the cars get serviced, that sort of thing. I am more than willing to pitch in with the cooking and cleaning but I probably will do less than my share, I’ll admit that, but if she’ll have me I ready and willing to propose. I own my home outright and can provide a certain standard of living but she will probably have to have at least a part time job. I would also encourage and support her taking a lover on the side because I am a straight woman. I just want a wife. There are no kids involved so that won’t be an issue. Any takers? :-)

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Jesus! Are you kidding? A wife who would take care of me and wait on me hand and foot? Where do I sign up?

We both share pretty much everything. We both have two jobs (work and home). We both need a wife—of the traditional mold. Hmmmmm. Threesome. That could have possibilities…. Yeah. Like my wife would ever go for that. ;-)

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Heck yeah! I’ll even be the wife!

PM me if the position is open.

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It would frankly be worth more to me than I could afford now, I think! :D :p

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@lillycoyote I’ll take that job! I’m on it like….well, like a good wife on the job!!

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Does that position come with “Benefits”?

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I believe what you’re talking about is actually usually called a “butler” or “personal assistant”.

You can easily hire someone to do that, the trick would be finding someone you like enough to see every day & that you trust enough to let them have all your financial & personal info.

I hate running errands & stuff & one part of me would like to shunt those tasks to someone else—but another part of me says doing those things keeps me grounded in the physical world & keeps me from floating off into my fantasy world in my head.

So….. “maybe”

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I don’t know, i’ve never really thought about that. I am the wife, but i’m not always a very good housewife, haha. I work too, so does my husband, but i’ll do most of the household chores and things, and on the odd occasion he’d help with certain things (maybe vacuuming floors, but he’ll never wash dishes for eg).
I would like it if someone would do things for me sometimes though, like make me dinner. I can never just relax and have dinner made for me, i either do the dinner for us both, or we make our own dinners (we don’t always eat the same stuff). I never really have a bubble bath prepared for me, but i prepare the bath for both of us (we share bubble baths). So it would be nice to have a husband who thinks like a wife and thinks to do some nice things for his wife every now and then.

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I would feel like I had a slave. In my opinion, I just feel that both should have jobs and split up the housework.

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@NaturallyMe Making dinner! Hoo boy! What I would give to have a personal chef. Every night, just home from work and picking up the kids and I have to figure out what to do, and sometimes the ingredients are just so uninspiring. It’s not like I can make something that takes more than half an hour, so it’s always stir fries, or maybe grilling something.

But it’s the psychic energy—the dread of knowing I can’t sit down when I am so tired, and all I want to do is lie on the couch until someone calls me for dinner. Instead I have to think and try to be inspired and then execute, which usually means cooking at least three things at once.

If I had time, I could plan ahead, and even cook things ahead of time, or even marinate the chicken for five or six hours, instead of the fifteen minutes it usually gets. Or make a casserole. Or read a cook book and buy special ingredients.

However, my wife works just as hard as I do, and she has all the laundry and shopping for the kids to take care of. She takes care of the administrative work related to schools and summer camp…. well, mostly. She gets the vapors sometimes, and I do that work, too. Not to mention food shopping and gardening and rat trapping and cleaning out the basement…

Yeah. A wife. The kind of wife who is a “home maker.” Who brings you a martini when you walk in the door, and the kids have already been picked up. Who takes the kids to karate and piano lessons and dance lessons on weekends. Who plan little outings for us on Sundays.

Sigh. Makes me think. Maybe we should have triples as marriages. It’s too much for couples, isn’t it?

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Pied Pfeffer’s Resume
Objective: To find a job as a live-in “wife” for someone who would like assistance in turning their personal dwelling into a more carefree haven to come home to at the end of the day.

– Loves to clean
– Gets a thrill from doing laundry, including ironing
– Good at bargain-shopping, except when it comes to personal brand choices
– Enjoys doing the legwork of researching contractors and collecting their bids for house projects
– Cooking experience isn’t strong, but am willing to enhance this for others
– Enjoys preventative maintenance projects like flipping mattresses, replacing the smoke detector batteries, changing out HVAC filters, regular car oil changes

– 24 years in the hotel business
– Bartender
– Babysitter
– Former pet owner
– 11 years in Girl Scouts

– Mom
– Ernie, the housemate of 8 years
– Rew, my fiancĂ©. (Oops! Sorry friends…I’ve already been hired.)

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Dear @Pied_Pfeffer
Thank you for expressing your interest in the “wife” position . Your skills are clearly exemplary. Unfortunately we do not have an opening at this time.
We will keep your resume on file and will contact you if a suitable position opens in the near future.

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I’d pay $1000.00 for a “wife” to do the following during the month:

Feed dogs breakfast daily
Cook breakfast daily
Pack lunch daily
Clean the kitchen daily
Clean the bathrooms weekly
Mop the floors weekly
Do the laundry bi-weekly
Iron clothes bi-weekly
Sew loose buttons on clothes weekly
Clean and polish shoes weekly
Drop/Pick up dry cleaning (I’ll pay separate) weekly
Gas up the cars (I’ll pay separate) weekly
Grocery shop (I’ll pay separate) weekly
Pick up the dog poops from the yard daily

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I’m way too independent to have someone wait on me. After being divorced for going on 4 years, i really like living by myself, and for the most part, don’t mind doing my housework etc. at all. However it doesn’t mean I’ve ruled out marriage, but for now, being single is working for me.

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@janedelila I appreciate your enthusiasm, maybe we could work something out but… having looked at your profile, I’m not quite sure you are “wife” material. You don’t want or need to live with anyone else and, though I don’t really care who wears the pants in the family, I’m not sure if both of us sleeping until noon is going to work out that well. :-)

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A man I work with gives his wife $250.00 a week spending money in addition to any needed for groceries, kid stuff, gasoline, etc. I think he hacked my fluther!

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