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Are you having wacky weather?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) September 16th, 2010

Staten Island and Brooklyn had Tornado warnings today.
We never had this problem when I was a child.

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Not really wacky, but unseasonable. We had a few tornado touchdowns not too far from here, plus a very windy thunderstorm. This is the type of weather we would normally have in the spring/early summer… not so much this time of year. (I’m in NE Ohio.)
I did hear about the tornado warning in Brooklyn, though. Struck me as odd.

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I live in Staten Island and it did scare me.
We are having more dangerous storms the past few years than ever before.
The news just reported the storm came from Ohio.
It seems our climate is changing.
Last March we also had a very violent storm.

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A tornado hit here in Queens.
There were trees, branches, and leaves scattered throughout the neighborhood and I helped my neighbors to clear the road. It’s still messy, but it was a lot better than an hour ago.

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Last March we had trees down and no Electricity for days. We had large sleet balls.
Do you have Electricity?
Con Ed can’t handle much.

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Yes, a tornado is now coming towards my area in WV. Hopefully it will miss us. We normally never have tornado’s.

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I just got caught in that downpour in manhattan.

Is it…the end of times?

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Kinda. I’m waiting for the fall-like weather. So far we just went from days in the high 90’s to 60’s and rainy. I hope it don’t go to snowy and freezing before I rake all the leaves up:b

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NYC never had so many intense storms when I was a kid.
We never had Tornado’s.

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@philosopher Some neighbors here don’t have electricity.

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Nothing has seemed too unreasonable to me, yet. We have tornado warnings every so often in MA but if they touch down they don’t do much damage or last very long. I don’t think we have one right now, but there were some strong wind warnings. But the clouds today did look more like winter-type clouds.

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My sister in law just put in a generator. Last March we had no Electricity for a week.

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Well…yeah. I’ve lived in Kansas all of my life. I’m not afraid of thunder, lightening, winds or tornado warnings….but yesterday afternoon the sky was clear, then I looked to the north and it was Holy Crap! There was a wicked, wicked storm moving down on us fast. I figured we had about 2 hours before it hit. About 8:00 the air turned yellow, which was a sign that it was getting ready to hit (as an aside, if the yellow air is intense enough it makes the green in stop lights look blue. Kinda cool! :) But I wasn’t particularly worried. Been through a million storms. I was sitting on the back deck reading, when a random, fleeting thought went through my mind…“I’d hate to have to tell my husband over the phone (he’s 120 miles away on business) that everything was gone!!!” Then I told myself that that was stupid because tornado season is long past and I haven’t heard the tornado sirens but maybe 5 times all together since I moved here 15 years ago….but not ten seconds later the sirens started screaming. (Having lived in Kansas all of my life I must have subconsciously felt the change in temp and pressure, which led to the thought..) Normally I don’t really react much to the sirens (which went off 3 or 4 times a year in Wichita when I lived there) but this time I did. I’m not sure why. I started gathering things to take to our cellar (a 100 year old DIRT cellar….and that is a whole other story…) Put my box by the door, then looked out the back door again….and something was really, really wrong. The sound of the wind was like nothing I’d ever heard before. Not like a train, but like…a growling. A low, moaning, building, evil growl, like some gigantic monster…and it was coming from a jet black cloud that was rushing right for the house! I about lost it. For real. I ran for the cellar…and the lights went out (they didn’t come back on until sometime after 3 a.m. when I woke up to every light in the house blazing….). We have no flashlights. I had no time to look for candles. It was pitch black in the house, not to mention the cellar. I could only seen about halfway down the very old, very narrow, very steep cellar steps, and it was like looking down into a bottomless, black cave with God only knew what at the bottom…paint cans, boxes….I decided to camp on the top steps…and just wait. I was seriously, seriously, seriously terrified…...there is so much more to this story but when all was said and done, here are some pics from the town today….everyone one was saying they’d never seen/heard anything like it.

The freakiest one. (I didn’t take it…the rest I did..)

But…this is Kansas. The show must go on! Elderly lady manning a garage sale today.

Lemonade stand (YES I BOUGHT ONE GLASS OF .50 LEMONADE FOR A BUCK AND TOLD THEM TO KEEP THE CHANGE!! At least they weren’t selling rocks….)

This is no Greensburg (which I have pics of too) but…it was freaky. Scary. And supposedly it wasn’t even a tornado…“just” 70 to 90 mph straight line winds, although I’m sure I saw rotation as were several other people I spoke with today.

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@Dutchess_III the 6 photos in the center aren’t working. :)

I have also witnessed/heard a tornado that made a similar sound. Nothing like the oncoming train that so many people describe, but literally more like a growl or a very deep rumbling. I have seen a few tornadoes in my life, but never heard anything like that one before!

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@TheOnlyNeffie Photobucket just sucks, you know it?? Try this

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@Dutchess_III That one works, thanks!

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God bless you I so happy you are alright.
It seems that the whole nation is having more powerful storms than ever before.
I will check out your photos.

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@philosopher Me too…the WORST of it was…I’ve never needed the cellar before…and I didn’t feel like I had anywhere to go! Getting down into that cellar and trying to make my way through a maze of doors and crap to get back under the stairs using only my cell phone light…that was probably the worst of it….if I’d had a basement and some candles I would have been reading a book down there. ....but it really does seem like it’s worse than it’s been, just in my own little world, world wide media coverage aside. But maybe it’s a natural cycle too…..we’ve had snow for the last 3 years the likes of which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. Which means….what? It’s a cycle?

@TheOnlyNeffie Feel free to peruse!!

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The Hawaiian Islands are experiencing the worst drought in 200 years or more.

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Just normal cool fall weather (so far) in north central PA.

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I have no desire to engage in a debate about the cause of global warming.
It is happening. Yes Earth has always gone through natural cycles. However Scientist can clearly document that humanity has accelerated global warming. Global warming whatever the cause endangers Earth and all it’s inhabitants welfare.
In New York we have had Tornado’s over the past few years. We never did when I was a child. Our Summers are hotter. This was one the four hottest Summers.
The storms have been more serve.
I care about safety not political hype.

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We’ve just had the coldest, wettest and most depressing summer in god-knows how many years, but this has been a trend for a few years now. Every summer is the coldest/wettest or both, and then the year after is even worse. Last winter was also the coldest and most snowy for many years.

No wonder they stopped calling it “global warming” and now refer to it as “climate change” instead. The globe may be warming up but Britain is making up for it all by itself.

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