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Why does the inside of my mouth sting just before eating?

Asked by trychvz (145points) September 23rd, 2010

There are two areas on either side of my mouth, towards the back of my tongue but lower in my jaw, that will sting whenever I begin eating, or am about to eat. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it’s usually after I’ve gone a while without eating. The pain isn’t really intense or anything, but it’s uncomfortable enough to be annoying. Does anyone else experience this? What is it?

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do you have white spots where the stinging is? if so you might have canker or cold sores

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Thanks for your answer!
But, I doubt it. My mouth is very healthy. This has happened all my life, though.
My uncle once told me that it might be my salivary glands kicking into action.
Is that possible?

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That’s sort of along the lines of what I’ve been thinking since reading the post. Is it sort of like the pain when eating something really tart, like a lemon or lime or a tangy candy, only happening before you bite into it? Have you ever talked to a doctor about it?

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Yes, it’s a lot like that. Do you think that’s really what it is?
Hm, I was hoping this would be more common.
I haven’t ever talked to a doctor about it, but that’s probably a good idea.

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I’m sorry…I have no idea if that is what it really is. Your description was, well very descriptive, and it rings a vague bell of experiencing that before.

Since there are no apparent complications, I wouldn’t be concerned about it, other than the annoyance of it. Your best bet is to get in touch with an ENT (ear, nose throat doctor) for their opinion. It doesn’t even need to be an appointment. There are probably a few on the internet. For example, here is one.

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Interesting. Well, I’ll definitely look into that.
Thank you so much for your help!

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Cold sores?

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Cold sores, as far as I know, only form on the lips and not inside the mouth. They certainly wouldn’t cause any pain before a food touched them. Thus, they can be ruled out.

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Canker sore, maybe?

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I have the same problem. Not before I eat, but the first bite of anything makes the inside of my mouth sting. Food can be bland or spicy, it all stings. I’ve asked doctors about it, but they’ve never heard of it.

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This happens to me often. It just happened now where I have a glass of red wine but went to bit into a cookie. The change of going from acid to sweet made both sides of my jaw sting and make a noise I’m sure only my ears can hear that’s not more descriptive than just the hammer striking multiple times while the sensation is going on. It feels like it’s happening where the maxilla and mandible meet. I always figured it was a hyper reaction to food and was basically the saliva glands kicking in.

Did you ever ask a doctor? I came across this thread only because I was curious myself.

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