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If it's really, REALLY cold in your neck of the woods, what are some occupations you would hate to be employed in?

Asked by Dutchess_III (25579 points ) December 5th, 2013

UPS and mail men come to mind.

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Working in the dairy section of the grocery store.

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ANYTHING that would require being outdoors for more than 2 minutes!

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How cold is really cold? I hate being cold, but I don’t mind being outside as long as it is above freezing, as long as I can get into the warn every so offten. Below freezing can be brutal, I would say below 20 and I am pissed off. I would be pissed off all day if I worked in 20 degree weather for many weeks or months in a row. Although, I rather be in snow than a cold rain. Nothing is worse than cold rain.

If you deliver mail by truck or car, you get to be in the car a little protected. If you deliver it walking then the elements can be brutal.

Construction can be cold. Roof repair. Phone, electric, or cable company if you do the work out on the lines.

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21 now but “feels like 10,” according to the weather channel. It was 17 when I woke up.

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Too cold. I used to walk to class in weather like that when I was in college. Just the walk halfway across campus or waiting for the bus was brutal!

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My oldest grandson is a security guard and he has to work the midnight to 8 am shift this weekend in below zero temperatures patrolling a shopping district of several blocks. He does stay in his car much of the time, but he has to make foot patrols at various intervals.

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Anything outdoors.

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I wouldn’t want to work at one of those companies that manufacture ice cubes, you know, the cubes and blocks you buy at the grocery store, they’re made in a factory. A very cold factory.

Also wouldn’t want to be serving up scoops of ice cream, like at Baskin Robbins.

Fishing boat. Cold, wet and smelly.

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It’s been an incredibly mild winter so far, very cold today though & so I think i’d be pretty pissed off being one of those blokes who work on pylons, fuck that for a game of soldiers.

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I’m looking out the window and there are guys replacing the roof of a two story house with a very steep roof. It is cold enough outside that puddles are freezing. I don’t envy them.

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Dakota doesn’t seem to mind it. But she’s a wolf, so…..

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It would really suck to be a hooker standing around on the street corner.

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^^b…bb…bbu…but they’re paid to suck aren’t they?

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@ucme Or one of those poor sods that got flooded tonight, and the soldiers that are having to stay out in the cold and wind.

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Toll booth attendents, crossing guards, landscapers, paper delivery people, roadworkers, sign bouncers, utility workers, to start with.

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@ucme Let’s just hope they don’t get frozen to anything.

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@Juels Indeed, never lick a pole in frosty conditions…ouch!
@Lorna Yeah, i’m on the east coast, but no issues up here, thankfully.

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Well…for the first time in 20 something years I do not have barn duty tonight now that I am back in city limits. My geese are being taken warm buckets of water in their barn tonight by their new mother goose and pans of hot feed for our 15 degree night and snowstorm a comin’ tomorrow. Lows 15–18 with 6 inches to a foot of snow on the way here and several feet just a few hundred feet above me.
I have spent decades breaking ice on farm animal tubbys and taking cold night treats to the animals. The end of an era of cold work for me this year. :-(

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:( The things we miss….

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I’d rather work outside than be stuck in a cubicle during the winter (or summer, spring &fall). So I guess my answer would be office worker.

My husband was a farmhand for 7 years and it was so cute when he would come home with frozen snot hanging from his mustache.

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@jonsblond I do miss it, but, I am herding my flock from afar, the geeses new mom is all worried and pampering them to death, she was going to out in them her garage last night with heaters and I had to assure her their awesome barn was just fine. lol City slickers turned country, can’t beat that for good care. haha

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Mail Carrier.

People think Mail Carriers have it easy. strolling around in the spring and fall. I’ve never done it, but I appreciate the peeps that brave the 100+ and 0— to deliver my (junk) mail.


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As I was driving up to my mountain paradise this afternoon I noticed cows grazing as the sun was setting. Will this cows really tolerate this cold? It was 9 degrees last night and supposed to be colder tonight.

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@Judi Cattle are in much colder states, I think they can tolerate very cold weather. Probably needs to be below zero before they get hypothermia or some sort of frostbite. But, maybe they still suffer somewhat being in extreme cold even if they don’t get injured or die from it. :( The cows don’t have any sort of shelter they can go to? Any shelter to block the wind, and where they can huddle together. I think the young ones would be more at risk.

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@Judi I can see cows out my bedroom window and it felt like -4 F when I woke up this morning. They’ll be fine. Windbreaks help them as well as adequate nutrition. Cattle increase their grazing before a bad storm.

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It needs to be much colder than zero. My grandfather kept cattle. He showed me some calves that had had a foot frozen off during a cold spell. He said it was about -40 or something like that.

I have also seen cattle with ears frozen off. In both cases I think Grandpa had the vet out to cut off the bad parts, but they healed over and the animals were fine.

Cattle, deer and so forth can handle -4 no problem.

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They can get under a tree I guess. It just seems so sad to me.

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They’re warm blooded. They do hide under trees during the heat of the summer. Maybe they prefer the cold? :)

Livestock deaths due to the cold usually don’t occur unless the temp is 20–30F below for several days, or during a blizzard.

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Well if ears are falling off I don’t consider that fine. They must suffer even without permanent damage. Stiil it sounds like zero degree weather isn’t extreme enough to really bother them. Needs to be colder.

They must try to huddle I would think, hopefully change places with each other so each of them can spend time in the middle. I like to think they would do that, but I don’t know their habits.

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Working in an ice cream freezer in Duluth, Minnesota might be a bit much:) Minus 30 in the freezer, only minus ten outside…

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We were having breakfast at the little mountain inn up the road when two cowboys came in looking for some cows. Apparently the cows I saw yesterday had wandered down the hill near our house.

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@Judi Careful, them cowboys are probably packin’ and might shoot your dog if you come across them aagin. lol
That happened to me the first year up here, cows in my yard, broke their fencing down and when my dog chased them home he got shot. He lived but it was a horrible experience.

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Nude model shooting a calendar in the woods…erm, it does get bigger, but it’s so bloody cold out!

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@Coloma, how awful! and he took them home doing the farmer a favor! How rude!

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