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Can we have an "Alert: Drama" button, too?

Asked by zenzen (2040 points ) December 5th, 2013

CWOTUS suggested a GQ or GA dammit, button, as per our thread there earlier… how about other buttons…

Get creative!

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Double punch the D R A M A button.

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Bleh, bleh-bleh!

^ I’d tap that

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Crowd-pleasing cliche button would be worn down in a day.

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Bullshit button might be good.

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“Not the right time for a joke” button.

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Only miserable bastards are currently logged in, i’d come back later if I were you…button.

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“It’s time to push the button” button.

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“This Q has devolved to two idiots arguing or flirtng” button. Maybe that needs to be two?

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How about a get me the fuck out of everywhere button. Yeah, my attitude sucks that bad today.

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At another chat site we could ignore other users. The only thing it did was hid 100% of the other user’s content from your view. I think I only used it once, but it was glorious! Some personalities conflict and why should we put each other through the misery?

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“Misinformation” button

“Unedited and three times longer than necessary, otherwise known as death-by-one-thousand- words, plus the ten afterthoughts, plus what I forgot to to say” button

“Skip; predictable” button

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“Do your own homework”

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Sounds to me like we could get by with one all purpose



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Check your facts button. You are wrong again button. Look in the mirror button. Being a bitch button. Predictable button. You’re doing it again button.

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“Do you know how DUMB YOU look?”
That covers a lot of the above ^ ^ .

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Tl;dr button.

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I’d like a ‘friends’ button, so that if @ibstubro, @Adirondackwannabe, @dutchess and other good friends post, I can see where they’re at quickly and easily when I log on.

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@KNOWITALL That’s sweet and my attitude is much better.

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@Adirondackwannabe lol, you’re not always sweet? Hard to believe doll, we’re going to have to catch up soon, been too long. :)

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@KNOWITALL I would have curdled the milk this morning. It has been too long.

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I used a site with an ignore button. It was hilarious reading the posts with a person deleted. The user would get into a fight with someone and all you saw was the second person ranting insanely at themselves.

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“People are getting pissed off for no discernible reason” button.

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The “How Old Are You? You sound 13, even though you said you were 21” button.

Or the “This is the same Q that you keep asking over and over and over again, with slight variations, and you keep getting the same advice that you keep ignoring” button.

Or the “Your initial Q is fine, but your details don’t make any sense and seem contradictory” button.

Or the “Please give ‘em names” button for the folks that have a lot of details and a lot of different people with different relationships to each other, and a lot of action going on. Instead of saying “My friend” and “My friend’s boyfriend” and “My friend’s boyfriend’s sister” this button would allow you to give all of these people fictitious names to go along with the relationships. Mary, and John, and Alice, for example.

Or the “Yes you are a mysogynist, even though you’ve talked yourself blue in the face trying to convince us that you’re not” button.

Or the “You’re initial assumption is just plain wrong (with a link to the facts) so any discussion of your question based upon this wrong assumption is futile” button.

Or the “You’re an ignorant fool and you can’t see it, so just go make us some pancakes, already” button.

Or the “You may truly believe what you’re saying, but the law and the facts are not on your side (with a link to the law and the facts) and neither is common decency” button.

Or the “You can’t compare hot dogs and gravity, to lesbians and men’s clothing, because they’re not even remotely related” button.

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A *Rant, much? Button?


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‘Is this person drunk button!’

Seriously though I wish there was an online button so you could see if people were online or not. Or even a sign on time button. (You know you send a mail and wonder if they did in fact receive it or not).

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not mean spirited, @Kardamom, for what that’s worth.

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Apparently we should have a button for “You used the wrong form of you’re in your Q” because I did just that on my post, for button number 6.

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“I am impressed that you took so much time and trouble to write something that appears to be coherent and fairly well written – to the extent that I read any of it – and I’m not going to read any more, but I didn’t want you to think it was for nothing.”

In other words, TLDR.

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Best thread in ages – thanks for making my weekend jells. Hugs.

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All these buttons are bitchy and I’ve been guilty of all of them button?

Am I being voted off the island button

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Best visual aid answer. This would usually pertain to any celebration question that Kardamom shows up for.

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There should be one for, “It sounds like you’re having a bad day; here’s a virtual hug.”

Or we could just, like, tell the person that.

There should also be a self- drunk posting warning label. Maybe a text format. Like, if you’re drunk, all the shit you type comes out in wingdings or something.

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Blushing button works for me.

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Alert: Flunking. Please ignore all comments/questions til I’m sober. Shanks so muchhhhh.

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“Shanks so mushhhhh”, @zenzen


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—@ibstubro you mihght not know be @zenzen ( or a variant ) was the original FLUNKER.

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Buttons we should have:

“Your constant need to post Qs about this same topic has become tedious, not to mention really fucking annoying.”

“No offense, but you’re a complete douchebag.”

“No offense taken, bitch.”

“Nonsensical drivel. Poster may be on drugs, or just lack a damned brain.”

“I wish I could eat this comment.” (which would follow almost every comment from @Kardamom)


The most necessary button, IMHO, would be a “You’ve been bitchslapped, you arrogant twat” button.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Love you too, dearist!

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That sounds like fun. I was really bad last night,

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@Adirondackwannabe Gather round in a Fluther group hug! You’ll soon be sorted out. I hope you feel better soon. Eat some cheese, that should help : )

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Some stuff just got to me, and I got a little wild. I’ll be okay. Is it brie?

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@Tropical_Willie I resemble that remark.

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Two double Martinis resemble that toooo!

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I’m tempted to move “No offense taken, bitch.” up on my list.

I don’t know of a time I would have used it, but it would be more fun to use on people-I-know-and-have-topped-out-at-100-points than “Great Answer”.

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