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What can I make with leftover instant oatmeal?

Asked by Seek (30162 points ) December 15th, 2013

So, I have a five year old. Any parent knows this scenario:

“MAMAMAMA! Wake up, I’m STARVING. I need food RIGHT NOW. My tummy hurts. Pleeeeease?

Five minutes later. “I’m not hungry anymore, but I took a couple of bites.”

So, I have about two cups of Peaches ‘n’ Cream instant oatmeal. I really hate throwing away food, and I’d love to find something to do with this stuff.

Any ideas?

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I used to love eating leftover oatmeal cold, with extra sugar added. Not anymore though.

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^ Exactly. I can’t stand the stuff myself, or it would be gone already. Hoping @Kardamom shows up with a tried and tested cookie recipe or something. ^_^

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You can always incorporate it into pancake batter while preparing another meal. Not sure of the amounts, but I never use measuring cups anyway, and it usually turns out fine.

Or muffins.

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I don’t know whether this would work with instant oatmeal, but…this cake was delicious!

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I was going to suggest using it in breadmaking until you mentioned it was flavoured, I can’t imagine that somehow. I’ve used leftover oatmeal/porridge when making bread.

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I understand and applaud your thrift!

Maybe you could mold it, and treat it like corn mush. Work it into a straight sided, round container (that you’ve sprayed/oiled a bit) and refrigerate. Un-mold, slice as thin as will hold up, then fry in a bit of butter/oleo. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Sounds good to me! If that doesn’t work out, holler and I’ll make up something else. :)

(or – if they hold up – make the pieces irregular shaped and let him dip them in yoghurt)

I’d also look at potato pancake and other recipes using leftover mashed potatoes.

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Try making a Smoothie, oatmeal pancake, or Leftover Oatmeal Cake (Tried and tested)
@ibstubro has a good suggestion too. You can cut chilled oatmeal into slices, and brown with some butter. Serve with butter, sugar, or your favorite syrup.

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I once made oatmeal cookies in the microwave out of instant oatmeal. They came out awful, but I ate ‘em anyway.

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I’m with Stu. It sounds palatable.

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I often put left over oatmeal or rice into soup.

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I GOT IT! Put it in a jello ring, let it dry, pop it out, spray paint it green! Hang it outside, it will be a wreath which feeds the birds. No clean up. Oops, to feed the birds you would have to just mix in green food coloring.

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@Seek_Kolinahr: What did you end up doing with the leftover oatmeal?

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@Jonesn4burgers What an awesome idea. Maybe I will try it minus the green food coloring. I am always looking for some other treats for my birds. I just love watching them on the feeders with the snow as a backdrop. The cardinals are just so red and beautiful. The female’s beak is SO orange. I just hope the hawks stay away.

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