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Can you give some examples of what you find genuinely shocking?

Asked by ucme (38625 points ) January 22nd, 2010

Not in movies or electricity, smart arse answer leave that to me.Rather in society in general, in your everyday life.Maybe someones behaviour or certain attitudes you’ve encountered.

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I just watched a dog that got stranded in the Los Angeles river…that shocked me and I thought he was going to die.
But he is safe and okay now!

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Beheadings. Words can’t express how barbaric and disgusting I believe this practice to be.

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A beautiful woman who cooks and cleans

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The existence of NAMBLA.

@Austinlad I totally agree. I made the major mistake of watching that video that was all over the internet about 5 years ago. I have never seen anything more disturbing.

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Gang violence. The fact that are so many murders in gang-ridden cities like Richmond, East Palo Alto, Oakland, etc. is just appalling. They just keep killing each other and maintaining the shitty dangerous atmosphere of where they live. I don’t understand it.

I find things like aftermath of Haitian earthquakes, car crashes, and hurricanes to be shocking. If it’s particularly violent, I have a hard time looking at images of it. I’m relatively squeamish.

I find the absolute hatred of gay people by certain strong homophobes to be shocking. How you can want someone to die just because of whom they’re attracted to? It makes no sense to me.

I find the Holocaust (and war in general) shocking. That people can do stuff like that to other people is incomprehensible.

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@HungryGuy Copycat! I made you look you dirty duck~

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The widespread scientific ignorance in the USA, and that some people choose to remain so ignorant. Mostly in reference to climate change, but also evolution and natural selection.

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@Ruallreb8ters I said shocking not bloody impossibilities~

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I would also say hostage taking and terrorism in any form is shocking and disgusting.

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For good or bad, I am rarely shocked anymore. Even when I hear/see something horrible I expect it, so it’s not a shock. I guess I could have a positive shock, but those rarely happen.

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Executions of any kind freak me out.

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Definitely. I watched a documentary on the Beslan School hostage crisis in North Ossetia-Alania, Russia, and it was quite shocking. Especially since 70% of the people who died in that were children.

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this is true: I was chatting on the phone with my bestfriend of 35 years, and we were discussing a boyfriend she had at 16 that always wanted her to dress in maryjanes and school uniform, he lost interest in her when she turned about 20, I googled him and saw headlines: he was arrested in thailand for raping a child.

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@trailsillustrated She’s had a lucky escape there then.

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Facelifts, tummy tucks, nose jobs, boob jobs, Surgical implants, fake organs, etc…

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Cruelty to children and animals.

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@lucillelucillelucille You got that right! Completely agree.

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I’m with @Austinlad on this one – what came to my mind was beheadings. I find it shocking beyond belief that people still do this. The people in Pennsylvania whose 24 year old son’s beheading was shown on vidoetape – I can’t bear even thinking about it.

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The facless cat (google at your own risk!)

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@Mike_Hunt That’s it i’m off pussy for at least tonight.Rather similiar to Joan Rivers’ dried up old pussy,I imagine.

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How chaotic perception of reality is these days—that it is so all over the map.

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The last thing that shocked me this much was 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

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Bad attitudes.

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I’m shocked over and over again by a strain of fundamentalist, rigid, intolerant kind of
“liberalism” I find from time to time on Fluther. It seems to be linked to a desperate fear of the mystery in life – everything has to be both rational and politically correct (a tall order). I know others here notice this and find it paradoxical.

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My daughter works with abused children. The stories shock me and anger me. I wish there were better (worse) punishments for these people. I’m also shocked at what people will do to animals. But what adults do to adults, not so much.

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“everything has to be both rational and politically correct ”

@susanc – It can’t be?

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I saw a video when I was a girl of a necklacing in a Johannesburg township of a man that the people of that community accused of being a traitor. I just couldn’t believe such a thing went on, and that everyone, from kids to old people, were part of it.

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huh??? a 24 year old beheaded in Pa? what????

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“Rape” fantasy porn

Child porn

Animal “crush” videos

The belief by some that eating an animal tortured before killing increases it’s desirable flavor.

People who kill babies rather than anonymously turning them into a haven.

Elder abuse

Obese children

Illegal (murderous) organ harvesting.

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@ChazMaz rational and politically correct isn’t that an oxymoron

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What I find shocking is the level of animosity between the two major political parties in the U.S. I really believe that members of Congress today would prefer to literally shoot themselves in the feet rather than do something which MIGHT benefit the other side. (Never mind, might actually help the people who, you know, actually elected them to office.)

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I was pretty shocked to hear Pat Robertson claim, after the -Haitian Prime Minister report said “well over” 100,000 people may have died in the natural disaster, that the country has been “cursed by one thing after another” since they “swore a pact to the devil.”

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Very few things shock me. The last thing that shocked me was that some American on Fluther didn’t know that the Constitution of the United States applies to everyone in the country.

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The rate of childhood obesity, a blubbery memetic phenomena.

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The extent to which human beings are capable of inflicting cruelty on one another, especially on children.

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@Mike_Hunt Is it just me or does that cat bear a striking resemblance to the late Micheal Jackson?

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That racism still exists.
That most of my Black friends don’t support Gay Marriage.

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@trailsillustrated The son was beheaded in Iraq; the parents were in Pennsylvania.

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Removed by Thomas Edison.

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Infanticide by parents

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@HungryGuy Watt? Oh yes,light bulb moment. I pre-empted any such response. Big of you to step forward as a self appointed fully paid up member of the smart arse club. Welcome aboard.You are however trailing behind, you must keep up.

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Unfair generalizations or ridicule about nations, cultures, ethnic or racial groups, belief systems, organized religion, gender, age groups, marital status, sexuality, handicapped people and so forth.

It does happen from time to time on Fluther. For example comments like “Germans are famous for their solutions” (meaning the final solution to kill all Jews).

Whenever I read something like this, I’m genuinely shocked.

Jews in Germany had been German citizens as well (Einstein was a German Jew for example). Did they create their own suicide solution? What about the majority of Germans who didn’t vote for the Nazis in the final free election on March 5, 1933 before the totalitarian system was fully established?

Are Americans famous for their lynching solutions of black people? Or is the Ku Klux Klan famous for its lynching solutions? I think there’s a difference. And yes, the Nazis are famous for their heinous “solution”.

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I was shocked when I read an article (and saw the video) of a new trend in Japan. They cut open and eat fish alive. They found a way, so they don’t die. It’s disgusting. I felt so sorry for the poor fish, I almost saw the pain in his eyes…

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@fireinthepriory I totally agree. I mean, how can you not believe in evolution? It’s been proven so many times…
Also, that most of the money in the whole world is owned by about 15% of the entire population! That’s just crazy. And what are we doing about that? Practically nothing.

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