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Does the iphone work by the warmth of your finger tips or is it just your skin?

Asked by xartisticx (10points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Iphone, touch screen

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No it uses an electronic field to since your touch.

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If you want, you could go look up more information about the iPhone on the Apple website.

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It would be dificult for me to answer that question because one of the only places I sweat are my palms but I would say your skin.

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Good question. I’ve tried using a pencil eraser and it didn’t work. I wondered the same thing

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Amazingly, I can wear my broken in leather golf gloves and my touch registers on the iPhone’s screen. It was a nice trick this past winter.

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I have used my nose and thumb to zoom out.<———I was driving again.

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Skin works, though I tried a dog paw to no avail. When I bike I have to use my nose to unlock it b/c of my full fingered gloves…

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