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Do you have a favorite question (your own)? If so, what is it?

Asked by Jude (32134points) January 3rd, 2011

This would be mine.

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I am on my iPhone so it’s hard to look it up. I really have to give credit to the Vagina Monolouges, but my favorite question was:
“Girls, if your Vagina could talk, what would it say?”

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This is my favorite question that I have asked.

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I have one thousand and seventy-eight questions and you expect me to choose a favorite?

Good grief!

I’ve forgotten more questions—(all of them)—than most people have asked.

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Probably this one because it reminds me of a time when I thought bitching about the obvious might change a couple idiots minds.

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This one is mine because of the discussion it sparked.

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@janbb Your art question was a lot more successful than mine

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I liked that one about ringworms and cellphones. Otherwise, whatever includes zombies is where I’m at, fiend.

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I was pretty happy with this one. But my favorite was the one about using small amounts of my own urine to fertilize houseplants.

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I have a few, but if I had to pick only one, I would pick this one.

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I’m with ^^ @gm_pansa on this one!

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Damn, I wish I joined Fluther earlier! Some of those are great!

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It was one about which kind of frosting to use on a meatloaf,but that lasted about three seconds,so I will have to go with this one. ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille I had a similar short lived question….“How do I sharpen my butter knife?”...lasted all but one minute.

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@Cruiser That’s because everyone knows that you sharpen them on meatcake ;)

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This one. One of my earliest, and it illuminated in the end a perspective on the idea that I hadn’t really considered before – basically, the discussion changed my mind.

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My question about men being able to opt out of being responsible for their unborn baby had a very interesting disussion I thought.

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I like this one. It got people thinking of meet ups.
Just for the record, I asked permission before positing it.

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@worriedguy That was a lovely question.

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“Are we there yet?”

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silly dorgy

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@janbb It was followed up a few days later with another question and finally the actual event.
I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person from their answers here and he seemed like a nice guy to me.
I received lots of PMs about this Q.

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@worriedguy: I got to know some fine Jellies because of that Q. I’d only been here a few days and it gave me a very positive feel for Fluther.

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Mine is “How do you girls do that clap thing?” that one is my favorite.

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@JilltheTooth I remember. You were just a young pup then. ;-) I didn’t know you were related to anyone important.
I figured lurve score was the only way to separate out trolls. I didn’t want any pervs going after him.

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What makes you think I’m not a perv? Albeit a rather classy one, I must say! Yeah, I rode around a bit on Katawagrey’s coattails for awhile…

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I guess this one would be my closest pick for a favorite.

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This one.

I also like this one, because of the helpfulness of the answers.

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For me it was this question
btw GQ!

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Mine would be about confusing future archeologists

I have had fantasies about a massive archaeological practical joke for longer than I can remember.

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@Arisztid – that…was…amazing.

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@iamthemob Heh… thankyou much.

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I do.

A lot of the answers are hilarious and very creative. :-)

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The only thread (and the only one you will ever get from me!) I created where I said “I love you too, Tim”.
Unfortunately, it’s not available and all I can tell you it was one delicious lurve orgy.
Only lurve is real!

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@Arisztid Hi there! Good to see you.

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@janbb Thankyou. :) I am occasionally around.

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And I think I’ll promote the last comment/update on this one today, just because I’m so happy and want to scream it out!

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